Covid Returns Assam After 4 Months

Covid has returned to Assam after a four-month hiatus with the identification of two positive cases in the last five days.
Covid Returns Assam After 4 Months

GUWAHATI: Covid has returned to Assam after a four-month hiatus with the identification of two positive cases in the last five days.

State health minister Keshab Mahanta was told on Thursday that a patient from Maharashtra who was infected with Covid had been hospitalised to a in Guwahati.

Once 30 samples were analysed, the new case was found on Wednesday. Health department sources claimed that if testing is increased, the number of cases may increase as well.

Even if the state health agency has not yet increased screening at the entrance points, the absence of screening poses a new concern about COVID infection.

At the Guwahati airport, 2% of foreign travellers are currently randomly tested, but there is no similar policy in place for local travellers. The government has yet to mandate testing in malls and at train stations. The testing infrastructure is only present in a small number of the hospitals.

Health department officials said that despite the unexpected rise in several states, Assam has not recently reported any cases of Covid.

"We have established contact with the two positive cases that were recently found in Kamrup (Metro) district. But, the illness has not spread to other people”, Manoj Choudhury, the executive director of the Assam National Health Mission, informed on Thursday night.

Only two cases are ongoing in Assam, he continued. The patient from Maharashtra, he claimed, is receiving care at a private hospital in Guwahati and is being watched by medical professionals. The companion of the Covid patient from Maharashtra proved negative, according to Choudhury.

A Kamrup-based healthcare worker was the previous case that was discovered five days earlier (Metro).

According to state health department sources, much as with earlier Covid waves, the Assam government will follow the Centre's directives this time.

"The Union Health Ministry's guidelines for testing and treatment procedures are still pending. Without direction from the Centre, it is doubtful that the Assam government will implement new Covid limits," the source stated.

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