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Floodwater recedes but flood-affected people in Assam lives helpless and homeless

Guwahati: The floodwater in several flood-affected areas of Assam has receded and the immediate impact of that has made life vulnerable for the flood victims. The drying atmosphere, bad aromas of rotten surroundings and things, unhygienic fooding, clothing and habitats of the people are all together creating an intolerable and unlivable place for the villagers.

Reports coming from flood-affected places like Dhemaji, Sonitpur and other places have depicted the real picture of the flood victims. The picture of the flood-affected children whose school books, uniform and other study materials damaged by the floodwater is saddening and disheartening.

With the rains stopping and the sun coming out bright and strong, the floodwater has also started drying up. The flood occupied houses, paddy fields, roads, lanes, yards are slowly coming out of the water but that has not been able to lessen the pain and tensions of the flood victims. The dirt and rotten garbage lying everywhere, floodwater leaving mud in the houses, yards, paddy fields and everywhere has made life miserable for the home returning villagers.

Not only has it been difficult for people to clean up their houses and surroundings, but thinking about living in such unhygienic place too have been impossible for them. In addition to this, the water-borne diseases too have posed as a threat to the health and lives of the flood-affected people and their children. As these people at this time are deprived of proper medication, food, shelter, sanitation, pure drinking water and a hygienic shelter, they become more vulnerable to be attacked by germs and diseases. On the other hand, Japanese Encephalitis too is turning as a terror in many parts of Assam taking near about 100 lives this year.

It is, therefore, a must for the government to take immediate steps of cleaning up and sanitising the flood-affected places so that the victims could be saved from the after-effects of the flood.

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