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Forest Martyrs’ Day Observed By Tuskers Task Force

Forest Martyrs' Day

A Correspondent

Numaligarh: To honour the memory of foresters who laid down their lives to protect forests and wildlife, Forest Martyrs’ Day was observed by Tuskers Task Force (TTF) on Wednesday.

A team of TTF gathered there in the Juriadolong Forest Beat office, distributed torchlight batteries and candles to the forest staffs of the beat office in memory of the deceased forest personnel.

TTF secretary general Rituraj Phukon said, “It is a simple effort of our organization to honour and remember all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for forests and wildlife.”

Chief coordinator of TTF, Rahul Borauh said, “This Juriadolong forest beat office plays a crucial role in protecting the flora and fauna of Nambor-Doigrung Wildlife Sanctuary.

The government and the forest department should emphasize on providing basic resources to strengthen the force of the forest beat.”   He also pointed out that about 1,400 foresters had so far attained martyrdom while safeguarding the country’s forest wealth and wildlife in India.


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