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Guwahati-Based Lawyer's Indian Constitution-Themed Wedding Card Goes Viral

How much creative one can get to design a wedding card? Well how about a Constitution-themed wedding card made for his special day? sounds weird, then read this..

Guwahati-Based Lawyers Indian Constitution-Themed Wedding Card Goes Viral

Sentinel Digital Desk

GUWAHATI: Couples in weddings these days never fail to amuse with their witty yet loveable approcah to the new beginning.

In an such of a kind, a lawyer from Guwahati, Assam got a Constitution-themed wedding card made for his special day.

The unique wedding card has names of the bride, Pooja and groom, Advocate Ajay, written on either side of the scales of justice to represent equality. The wedding, which is scheduled to take place on 28 November, has garnered a lot of attention for its unique invitation.

Interestingly, the card also mentions the laws and rights related to marriages in the country. The wedding card reads, "The right to marry is a component of Right To Life under Article 21 of the Indian constitution. So, it is time for me to use this Fundamental Right on Sunday 28th November 2021," as reported by Times Now.

Further, the wedding invitation has a sentence which will surely tickle your funny bone, "When lawyers get married, they don't say 'YES', they say - 'We accept the terms and conditions.'"

The advocate, who has been practising law for five years, took a friend's help to design the card. He didn't even tell his family about the wedding card idea and they got to know about the card only after it went viral on social media.

This Constitution-themed wedding card has gone viral on the internet. Some users, who are pursuing law, joked that they finished half of the syllabus after reading the invitation.

Many joked that the card sounded more like an official summons.

Some users with laughing emoticon wrote that a judge would preside over the wedding rituals rather than a priest.

So what do you think of this inovative idea?

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