Guwahati: GMCH Expels Intern Doctor and Students Over Bar Brawl, Initiates Disciplinary Action

Intern doctor and students expelled from GMCH over bar brawl; disciplinary action against others.
Guwahati: GMCH Expels Intern Doctor and Students Over Bar Brawl, Initiates Disciplinary Action

GUWAHATI: In a recent development, an intern doctor and two students faced expulsion from Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) for six months following their involvement in a drunken brawl at a city bar, as confirmed by GMCH principal Achyut Baishya on Friday. The trio, who admitted their participation in the altercation, were not only barred from the college but were also permanently expelled from the GMCH hostel. Additionally, disciplinary measures have been instigated against 15 other hostel inmates.

According to Baishya, the incident unfolded on Thursday night when the intern doctor and three students visited a bar around 7:30 pm. While three of them consumed alcohol, one student opted for dinner without drinking. The dispute ignited over a disagreement with the bar staff regarding the bill payment. The situation escalated, resulting in injuries to one of the students who is currently receiving treatment at GMCH.

Upon learning of the altercation, 14 hostel mates rushed to the bar around 11 pm. However, preliminary findings suggested that these 14 students were not directly involved in the fight. Nevertheless, the principal asserted that these students should have notified higher authorities instead of taking matters into their own hands. Consequently, all 14 students have been expelled from the hostel for three months with immediate effect.

Based on the confessions of the intern doctor and the two students who consumed alcohol, they faced expulsion from the college for six months and were permanently ousted from the hostel. The fourth student, who accompanied them to the bar, and the remaining 14 students received a three-month expulsion from the hostel. Baishya emphasized that stricter penalties could be imposed if the police, who have registered a case in this regard, uncover evidence of further involvement by the students.

All the students involved were residents of hostel number 4, new block. Baishya underscored the importance of adhering to protocols, stating that permission was required to leave the hostel at night, and the 14 students should have informed higher-ups upon receiving the news of the brawl.


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