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Guwahati: Mysterious Death of Kokrajhar Youth in Noonmati Sparks Investigation

Concerns rise as Raja Narzary's body is found in Guwahati's Noonmati. The youth had been missing since Sept 23, prompting a thorough police investigation.

Guwahati: Mysterious Death of Kokrajhar Youth in Noonmati Sparks Investigation

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GUWAHATI: A sense of unease has settled in Noonmati as the mysterious death of a young man has raised concerns among the residents. The victim, identified as Raja Narzary, hailing from Kokrajhar, was discovered lifeless in Jayanta Nagar, sending shockwaves through the community. Raja, a 24-year-old who had been working at DS Group, was living as a tenant with a colleague, adding complexity to the baffling circumstances of his demise.

Raja Narzary had been a familiar face in the area, known for his friendly demeanor and diligent work ethic. However, on September 23, he inexplicably went missing, leaving both his colleagues and friends worried about his well-being. As the days passed without any word from him, anxiety grew, and suspicions deepened.

The grim discovery was made by Noonmati police officers who, driven by growing concerns about Raja's disappearance, took action to investigate his whereabouts. After failing to establish contact with him or receive any information regarding his whereabouts, they decided to pay a visit to his rented accommodation. Upon arrival, they encountered locked doors and an eerie silence that hung in the air, intensifying their sense of foreboding.

Fearing the worst, the Noonmati police were compelled to take the next step. They made the difficult decision to forcibly open the door that led to the bathroom of the residence, which had been locked from the inside. What they found inside sent shockwaves through the community and left them with more questions than answers. Raja Narzary's lifeless body lay on the bathroom floor, shrouded in mystery and raising numerous troubling questions.

The circumstances surrounding Raja Narzary's death remain shrouded in uncertainty, deepening the sense of unease in Noonmati. Residents and authorities alike are left perplexed by the enigma that surrounds this tragic incident. Was it a case of foul play, or did a tragic accident claim the life of this promising young man? These are questions that demand answers, and the Noonmati police have wasted no time in initiating a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth.

As the investigation into Raja Narzary's death unfolds, the Noonmati police are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the truth. Autopsy reports and forensic examinations will be conducted to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his passing. Interviews with colleagues, neighbors, and anyone who may have had contact with Raja in the days leading up to his disappearance will be crucial in piecing together the puzzle of this perplexing case.

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