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High Alert Sounded in Bongaigaon After River Aie Swells Beyond Danger Mark

The River Aie has swelled after a strong wave of water gushed down from the hills of Bhutan.

Guwahati: The swollen Aie River flowing through the Lower Assam's Bongaigaon District has brought immense misery to the people in the area. The water-level of the Aie River has already crossed the danger level mark and has started to overflow causing havoc amongst the residents of the District.

According to reports hand first hand information, the Aie river, which flows through the district, has swelled after a strong wave of water has gushed down from the hills of Bhutan, causing it to immediately swell and overflow with heavy currents.

Reports further informed that, the National Highway 31 at Sidalsati is already submerged under water as the excess water of the Aie River has changed its course and started flowing over it.

This crisis situation has led the district administration to impose restrictions on the movement of heavy motor vehicles in the road and a high alert has also been sounded.

Meanwhile according to the residents, the river has been seen bringing danger to its embankments in various places.

As per latest reports, the river water is posing major challenges to the embankments at Huramora and Jaraguri and other places as erosion is on the verge of beginning.

Realizing the imminent danger, the local people have been desperately trying to save and protect the embankments from erosion by putting up sand bales near vulnerable portions.

According to sources, the water level of the river has already started to rise creating panic and fear in the minds of the local people. On the other hand, the floodwaters have marooned the people in some parts of the district.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Response Forces (NDRF) has already moved its rescue teams who are now trying to evacuate the flood-affected people to a safe zone. As per local sources, currently, as many as one hundred villages have already been inundated as the floodwaters are rapidly rising.

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