Jorhat Lockdown: Here are the complete rules and guidelines

Jorhat lockdown guidelines: Roshni Korati, the District Magistrate, has promulgated a prohibitory order and called for a Total Lockdown in Jorhat from 7 pm of July 9 to July 15
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Jorhat Total Lockdown Guidelines: Guwahati: Days after the Kamrup (Metro) district in Assam was put under lockdown due to mounting COVID-19 cases, the Jorhat administration has also resolved to take a similar stand to bring about a bend in the curve.

Roshni Korati, the District Magistrate, has promulgated a prohibitory order and called for a Total Lockdown, Gufrom 7 pm of July 9 to July 15, in the areas under the Jorhat Municipal Board. Additionally, she has called for all the weekly haats and markets to be shut during this period in the entire district.

Jorhat Total Lockdown Guidelines Prohibited Activities:

The movement of individuals will be strictly forbidden.

All Government offices, offices of autonomous/subordinate offices, and private offices shall remain closed.

All the businesses and commercial establishments, shops, and trade activities shall remain closed.

All the industrial establishments shall remain closed.

All public transport services shall be suspended, and the movement of private vehicles is banned.

All hospitality services shall remain suspended.

All educational, research, training, coaching institutions shall continue to remain closed.

All places of worship shall remain closed for the public. No religious congregation will be permitted without any exception.

All social/political/sports/entertainment/academic/cultural/religious functions gathering shall continue to be barred.

Only 20 people maximum shall be allowed to attend funerals.

At the same time, all non-essential movement of people shall be banned.

Spitting in public places is banned and violators will be fined as per the provision of the law.

Consumption and sale of liquor, pan, gutka, tobacco, etc in public places are prohibited as ordered earlier.


Establishment of the Deputy Commissioner including Treasury Establishment, Defense, police and security forces, fire and emergency services, disaster management, electricity, water, sanitation, Jorhat Municipal Board (only staff appointed for essential services like sanitation, water supply, etc.) will be allowed to function.

Hospitals and retail medical outlets (both human and veterinary) are allowed to open.

Only 10% of bank branches in the district with skeletal staff and ATMs shall operate.

Print and electronic media including newspaper distribution are allowed to operate.

Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT-enabled services will continue. However, these personnel will be allowed to work from their homes only. Only emergency repair crew would be allowed movement.

Similarly, the power generation, transmission, and distribution units and services shall continue with persons with specifically assigned duties being allowed to come out.

Vehicles of the health, fire, law and order and emergency services will be allowed.

All transport vehicles and movement of people from other districts shall be suspended -- apart from those related to COVID-19 related activity. Inter-state movement to the district will also be suspended except with prior permissions or passes.

Holding air or train tickets to and from Jorhat will be allowed on the production of tickets at checkpoints.

Hotels which are accommodating quarantined persons, medical and emergency staff, and aircrew shall operate with "skeletal service", and all the establishments being used as quarantine facilities shall continue to operate.

Government officers and employees who are directed specifically by their controlling officers will be allowed with "documentary evidence" of such permissions or orders. The rest of the employees shall work from home. Only those earmarked as essential service providers shall be allowed to commute to-and-from their offices.

Railway officers and the people directly involved with the operation of passengers and goods trains for loading and unloading essential goods shall only be allowed to operate on being so assigned by the controlling officer.

The ongoing construction works related to medical care and construction works related to COVID-19 shall be allowed to continue.

Identified petrol pumps and as agencies will be allowed to be operational during the lockdown.

Transportation of petroleum products to other districts will be allowed -- through highways.

Agricultural activities will be allowed to continue with social distancing and other Government-prescribed guidelines.

At the same time, the permissions and passes granted to the persons/services/activities issued earlier have been canceled by the district administration.

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