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Karimganj Auto Mechanic Transforms an old Maruti Swift into a Lamborgini Replica

A motor mechanic in Karimganj district transformed Maruti Swift into a sports car in Lamborghini, an Italian luxury automobile, for a over Rs. 6 lakh.

Karimganj Auto Mechanic Transforms an old Maruti Swift into a Lamborgini Replica

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A motor mechanic in Assam's Karimganj district transformed an ordinary Maruti Swift into a sports car resembling a Lamborghini, an Italian luxury automobile, for a little over Rs. 6 lakh. "It took nearly eight months to develop it," said Nurul Haque, 31, who owns a garage in the district's Bhanga Bazaar region.

Maruti Swift Converted in Lamborghini Replica

Haque worked as a vehicle mechanic and painter in his father's garage in Dimapur, Nagaland, where he and his family had resided for approximately 20 years. They relocated to Karimganj two years ago after getting threats from local community groups, he added.

Haque, a lover of the Fast and Furious movie sequels, had always wanted to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. During last year's COVID-induced lockdown, he was forced to stay at home with no job. That's when he started thinking about creating his own Lamborghini clone.

"First, I bought a second-hand Maruti Swift and removed its body. I started building parts of a Lamborghini model by watching YouTube videos," he said.

"But I didn't realise that it would be a costly affair. From buying the engine and the raw material to giving it the final shape, the total expenditure was around ₹620,000. I am not sure if even developing such a replica is legal. I want to drive the car across the state and I hope the police won't arrest me and seize my car."

After uploading photographs of his automobile on social media, Haque has become a local sensation. He is willing to sell the automobile, but only to someone who is as enthusiastic about it as he is.

"I am willing to sell this car but it has to be someone who understands the value of this model. Only a sports enthusiast can relate to my passion," he said.

The next item on his wish list is a 'Ferrari.'

"I am planning to make a customised replica of Ferrari soon. But it all depends on my Lamborghini experience. If the local administration grants me the permission to ride this car, I am going to make more of these models."

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