Manas National Park (Royal Tiger Reserve) - Wildlife Sanctuary, Places to Stay, Best Time to Visit & How to Reach

Manas National Park is a magnificent place that exists in the districts of Bongaigaon & Barpeta, in the state of Assam. Check here
Manas National Park (Royal Tiger Reserve) - Wildlife Sanctuary, Places to Stay, Best Time to Visit & How to Reach

Royal Manas National Park

Manas National Park is a magnificent place that exists in the districts of Bongaigaon & Barpeta, in the state of Assam. Manas is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Biosphere Reserve, National Park, and also a Wildlife Sanctuary.

The label 'Manas' is originated from the Hindu divinity, the snake deity 'Manasa'. It also has a linkage with the riverManas. This river passes through the land enhancing its beauty and glamour.

Manas National Park Location:

The site of this beautiful park can be located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is close to the river Manas. This river is one the leading tributaries of the magnificent river Brahmaputra. The river gives an outstanding view and geographical area to the park by dividing it into two halves. This national park is bordering with the Royal Manas National Park which is in Bhutan. [Also Know: Top 10 Historical Tourists Places in Manipur: Waterfalls, Lakes, Monuments & Why It's Famous]

Manas National Park History

The history of this park dates back to the lineage of the royal family of Cooch Behar. The park was utilized as a hunting hoard by the monarch of Gauripur. The park gained the status of a Reserve Forest in 1907, however, the proposal for giving this status was initiated in the year 1905. Later, in the year 1928, it achieved the stature of a Game Sanctuary. [Also Read - Mizoram Dishes & Mizo People: 8 Famous Food & Snacks of Mizoram]

Gradually, in 1950, the Game Sanctuary received the status of a Wildlife Sanctuary. Under a programme of UNESCO, which is the Man and Biosphere Programme, the sanctuary was given the status of Biosphere Reserve. In 1989, it had a total land coverage of around 2837sq km.

It obtained recognition as a National Park in 1990. The Park covered a total land area of about 500 sq km.

How to Reach Manas National Park:

By Air – Nearest airport is Guwahati airport, about 140 Km away from the Manas National Park. The Guwahati airport has a proper connection with a well-developed road which gives access to theManas National Park.

By Rail – Nearest railway station is Barpeta railway station. The distance between the railway station and the Manas National Park is approximately 30 km. Barpeta railway station also has a well connectivity with thepassage to Manas National Park.

By Road – The route to the park by road is extremely convenient as it has a well maintained connectivity with the vital cities and places. One can choose from traveling in a government-operated means of transportation or a private medium of a ride. These rides to the park are available at routine intervals of time.

Best Places to Stay Near Manas National Park:

The variedlodging options provided by the forest department are basic. The accent is on the location itself, which is a realbliss. Manas Forest Lodge Cottages and rooms are on offer. Tariff: Rs. 60 per room. Rs. 50 per cottage.
Bansbari Forest Lodge andMothanguri Dormitories with the capacity to accommodate 48 people are available. Tariff: Rs. 25 per bed.

Best Time of Year to Visit Manas National Park:

Manas National Park is open all year round, but the finest duration to enjoy the splendid beauty of theManas National Park starts from the months of November to April.

Manas National Park Nearby Railway Station & Airport

One means to arrive at the national park is the railway route. The closest railway connection exists at the Barpeta Railway Station. The station is around 30km away from the destination. One way to arrive at Barpeta is by a train from Guwahati Railway Station. It has a well connectivity with the remaining parts of the country. Thus, it becomes an easier and convenient mode to reach the park. After arriving at the Barpeta station, visitors can hire cabs or taxi services to arrive at the target location.

The neighbouring airport to the park is the Guwahati International Airport which is around 140 km away from the park. The entire journey from the airport to the park will take about 5 hours.

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