Nagaon: Four minors injured as abandoned grenade explodes in Nagaon

Kondoli Firing Range Hit by Explosion during Festive Season, Residents of Nagaon in Shock
Nagaon: Four minors injured as abandoned grenade explodes in Nagaon

ASSAM: The town was left stunned as a powerful explosion shook the Kondoli firing range. The incident occurred amidst ongoing festivities and has caused widespread sensation among local residents.

During the peak of Magh Bihu festivities in Assam, a disturbing incident occurred at Kondoli firing range in Nagaon. An abandoned grenade exploded and injured four minors, dampening the otherwise joyous celebrations. This was an unexpected event that took place causing much alarm among those present at the scene.

Based on initial reports, the blast took place last Friday, causing alarm and worry among the neighboring community. Without delay, Ranju Modi, Mongol Singh Rakhi Gogoi and Bikas- those affected - were rapidly taken to Nagaon Medical College Hospital for immediate medical care.

According to reports, the minors injured in a grenade explosion hail from Kuhiyartoli and Pamtoli in Kondoli. They are currently receiving treatment and their condition is stable. The severity of this incident has led authorities to initiate a comprehensive investigation. A case has been filed by police officials with the aim of determining the circumstances behind this abandoned grenade blast.

The spread of the news cast a solemn ambiance over the impacted regions, eclipsing the lively celebrations of Magh Bihu. Worries about public wellbeing have surfaced, particularly in areas near Kondoli firing range where the event occurred.

According to insiders, the deserted grenade could have constituted a grave hazard as explosives might not have been handled responsibly or appropriately. The occurrence acts as a vivid warning of precarious situations that may exist in forsaken locations, including those designated for military training drills.

Currently, the authorities are investigating how an explosive device was left unattended at the firing range. This occurrence has emphasized the necessity for increased security precautions and close supervision of these types of locations to avoid potential accidents in the future.

As the investigation progresses, the community is eager to receive answers and reassurances that strict measures will be put in place to prevent future mishaps. Meanwhile, amidst ongoing Magh Bihu festivities in Assam, the aftermath of a discarded grenade blast serves as a poignant reminder of how precarious our safety can be within our surroundings.

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