Nalbari: Booth Karmi Sanmilan successfully concluded in Nalbari

Booth Karmi Sanmilan witnesses enthusiastic engagement from Barpeta LS Constituency in Nalbari
Nalbari: Booth Karmi Sanmilan successfully concluded in Nalbari

NALBARI: The Booth Karmi Sanmilan for the Barpeta LS constituency in Nalbari was characterized by an impressive exhibition of party solidarity and dedication, with fervent involvement from AGP Karmakartas. The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Atul Bora along with AGP working president Keshab Mahanta spearheaded the event which paid homage to martyrs who played crucial roles during Assam Movement's historic period. Moreover, these valiant heroes' families were also commended for their contributions at this occasion.

The crucial importance of booths as political hubs for committed workers was emphasized by Minister Atul Bora. He stressed that the party's resilience is closely linked to its booth strength. Furthermore, he urged AGP officials and Karmakartas to strengthen the foundation of their organization through cultivating strong public relations at a local level.

Minister Atul Bora conveyed his gratitude to AGP working president Keshab Mahanta, senior leader Phani Bhusan Choudhury, and other office bearers of the Central Committee. He also gave a special acknowledgment to presidents and functionaries from various committees under Barpeta LS constituency such as district, LAC (Legislative Assembly Constituency), mandal (block-level administrative unit), anchalik (regional organization) and booth. The leaders praised the hard work put in by all members including those from sister organizations who worked tirelessly for the grand success of this event.

Minister Atul Bora, along with AGP working president Keshab Mahanta and enthusiastic party members, rode on bikes from Ghagrapar to Nalbari town. This was done in order to showcase their active involvement in the 'Booth Karmi Sanmilan' of Barpeta LS constituency. The bike rally highlighted the significance of grassroots-level participation for strengthening the party's impact and unity amongst its members.

The gathering provided an opportunity for political debate and also highlighted the importance of the Assam Movement, paying tribute to those who gave their lives for it. The Booth Karmi Sanmilan was a lively event that demonstrated AGP's commitment to solidifying its foundation and creating a strong organizational structure for future political pursuits through extensive participation.


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