NHAI Identifies 7 “Black Spots” in Assam, Mitigation Methods Initiated

Vehicular Under Passes will be constructed at certain locations, while the number of lanes will be increased in another.
NHAI Identifies 7 “Black Spots” in Assam, Mitigation Methods Initiated

GUWAHATI: Seven locations have been identified as accident-prone locations across the state of Assam for the loss of lives across the years. Termed the “black spots”, these seven locations have seen several frequent accidents over the last few years. Proper steps to mitigate these problems is likely to be implemented in the next eighteen months.

The directive of the National Highways Authorities in India mentioned that a location can be termed a black spot if the particular stretch of road of 500 meters has seen five road accidents or ten fatalities within a duration of three consecutive years. The NHAI usually makes infrastructure changes at these spots to ease the flow of traffic and to avert possible road accidents.

The seven locations marked in the state are distributed across the different districts of the state. They are Tihu Junction, Society Chowk Rangia, Changsari-Madanpur stretch, Dabaka Junction, Kishanbazar, Manikpur and Sundari. Changes to the highway infrastructure is expected to be done soon at these locations to avoid possible incidents in the long term.

According to a report, the authority is playing to create vehicular underpasses at three of these locations in order to prevent accidents while rotaries can help at some other places. Rangia is one of the busy junctions and a vehicular underpass will be constructed in the Society Chowk of the state. After the planned project will be completed, the traffic on the highway will not interfere with the local traffic which comprises a large number of people travelling from the nearby villages to the offices and markets in Rangai Town.

Similarly, two Vehicular Under Passes are planned for the Kishanbazar and Manikpur localities of the Bongaingain District. Improvement work on the Sundari Junction in Chirang has been initiated while Tihu Chowk in Nalbari will see the construction of additional lanes. A new carriageway is being constructed on the Changasari-Madanpur stretch. And a rotary will replace the junction in Dabaka of Nagaon.

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