People pay obeisance to Mahapurush Madhavdev on 426th Tirobhav Tithi across Lakhimpur district

The 426th Tirobhav Tithi of Mahapurush Shri Shri Madhavdev
People pay obeisance to Mahapurush Madhavdev on 426th Tirobhav Tithi across Lakhimpur district


LAKHIMPUR: The 426th Tirobhav Tithi of Mahapurush Shri Shri Madhavdev, the luminous icon of spirituality, who was the chief disciple of Shrimanta Sankardev and an ardent follower of Vaishnavism, was observed across Lakhimpur district on Thursday with spiritual fervour. Madhavdev was born to Govindagiri Bhuyan and Monorama Devi at Latekupukhuri under Narayanpur area in Lakhimpur district in 1489. Along with Guru Shrimanta Sankardev, Madhavdev spearheaded the Neo- Vaishnavite Movement (also known as Bhakti Andolan) in Assam in 15th and 16th centuries, at a time when the greater, undivided territory of the State experienced an era of turmoil, social chaos, rampant religious degeneration, and preached the true ideology of spirituality by establishing the identity of the Assamese community and nationality. Madhavdev died at Bhela Xatra of Kochbehar in 1596.

On this day, people of Lakhimpur commemorated the Mahapurush with profound reverence by paying rich tribute to him with deep obeisance. On this occasion, community Nam-Prasanga was organized in spiritual environment in the namghars, xatras of the district, which became sonorous with the chanting of Guru Vandana, hymns from Nam-Ghosa, along with the Borgeet, Bhatimas, Totayas composed by Madhavdev.

At his birthplace in Letekupukhuri, the Tirobhav Tithi of Madhavdev was observed with a day long programme. The agenda of the event began with Usha-Kirtan in the early morning. It was followed by community Nam-Prasanga, recitation of Kirtan-Ghosa, recitation of Nam-Ghosa, performance of Hari-Nam by women devotees. Ankiya Bhaona, composed by Madhavdev was also staged on this occasion. Devotees, including the youth, were seen thronging at large in the Letekupukhuri Than to pay obeisance to the Mahapurush. On the same day, Apurba Borah, the proprietor of Borhomthuri Water Solutions of Bihpuria, donated an aqua filter with hundred litre filter capacity per hour at Letekupukhuri Than for the service of the devotees.

The Tirobhav Tithi of Madhavdev was also observed in Basudev Than Naruwa Xatra, the noted Vaishnav-Peeth of the Northeast region, located in Dhakuakhana subdivision. On this occasion, Usha-Kirtan, community Nam-Prasanga, recitation of Nam-Ghosa, Hari-Nam performance by women devotees, staging of performing arts created by Sankardev and Madhavdev were organized in the namghar of the xatra. The community Nam-Prasanga was held under the leadership of Birendra Dev Goswami. Xatradhikar Bhupendra Dev Goswami, Deka-Xatradhikar Bhogendra Dev Goswami, xatria Devendra Dev Goswami, Mohan Goswami took part in the programmes of the event.

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