Protests against CAA continue in Numaligarh: No violent activities reported

Protests against CAA continue in Numaligarh: No violent activities reported

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Numaligarh: Protests against CAA continued for the 7th day at Numaligarh. A rally with men-women in traditional Assamese attires was seen conducting protest campaigns at various places like Telgaram, Ponka, Lobonghat and Rongbong areas on Sunday. Anti-CAA and anti-govt slogans were given by the activists of the rally. Rally continued marching in villages, creating awareness among villagers against the CAA and its ill-effects on Assam and Assamese people. AJYCP along with other social organizations were also seen taking part in the rally. Speaking to The Sentinel, one activist of the rally stated, “We will continue to fight against the CAA in a democratic way. We have lost all faith in the present Sonowal government, it has shown its fascist face and we will reply to it in next elections. We also request everyone to avoid violence and join hands for democratic protests only.”

It is pertinent to mention that many places in Numaligarh area have seen massive agitations in the last 7 days. Several roadblocks were initiated by protesters in the NH-39 and NH-37 till Friday evening. Trees were fallen, tyres were burnt and concrete electric poles were also used to block the highways in several places like Rangajan, Lurukihat, Morangi, Doigrung, Telgaram, Numaligarh, Bokakhat, etc.

In most of the places, police resorted to lathi-charge on the mobs, gathered on these places to initiate such roadblocks. Police were seen using rubber bullets, tear gas and other tactics to disburse the mobs from the highways. Throughout last Wednesday and Thursday, people seemed to be more aggressive in protests and police-protesters came into direct confrontation in many places. Protesters in large numbers came out to streets in places of Rangajan, Morangi Chariali, Doigrung, Purabangla, Telgaram, etc and burnt tyres on road. Some protesters pelted stones on police patrolling vehicles. Police shot fireshots in air, used tear gas and arrested many protesters with alleged charges of harming peace. Bikes of several protesters were also seized in these days. By Friday evening the situation improved to an extent.

However, there were many cases of repeated roadblocks in various places. Fireshots were heard in several places throughout the late hours of Friday. Despite the curfew imposed by Golaghat district administration, people seemed to gather around to protest in most places of the district.

The scarcity of fuel and other essential commodities were also reported in several places till Sunday. Without internet access and scarcity of other essentials, people seemed to be in distress. Till Sunday evening, it seems that the overall law and order situation has been improved to an extent. However, protests continued in most parts of the district. Expect one or two conflicts between police-protesters, the protests continued in a democratic way in most parts of the district.

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