Raha: Stunning Bhela Ghar Modeled after Maha Mrityunjay Temple to attract public

Milanpur Village Draws Visitors with Stunning Bihu Bhela Ghar Modeled after Shree Maha Mrityunjay Temple
Raha: Stunning Bhela Ghar Modeled after Maha Mrityunjay Temple to attract public

RAHA: The Milanpur village in Raha has now become a lively destination, attracting countless tourists to witness the impressive Bihu Bhela Ghar. This temporary but spectacular structure is modeled after the highly respected Shree Shree Maha Mrityunjay temple located in Bher Bheri Puranigudam of Nagaon. The construction took an entire week and was made with meticulous use of hay, bamboo, and straws.

The Bhela Ghar, reaching an impressive 50 feet in height, stands as a testament to the hard work and collaboration of young individuals from six surrounding villages: Dighaldari, Pohupuri, Kakati Gaon, Adarsha Gaon,Milanpur,and Na-Kakati. This beautiful piece is centered around a temple shaped like Shivling and has become a main attraction that captures the hearts of all who come across it.

The ingenious individuals responsible for this exceptional endeavor expressed their drive by saying, "For the inhabitants of Assam who highly venerate Lord Shiva, the Shree Shree Maha Mrityunjay temple holds immense significance. We acknowledged that not all residents in our community have been able to encounter or pay homage at this sacred sanctuary; hence we resolved to emulate its essence within our Bhela Ghar." These innovative dreamers attributed Pradeep Kumar Nath - a peer from their locality - with furnishing guidance and motivation which actualized their concept into an existent manifestation.

This Bhela Ghar is defined by its craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, which reflects the intricate architecture and sacred atmosphere of the Maha Mrityunjay temple. It stands as a testament to the cultural wealth and communal spirit ingrained in the Assamese youth's hearts.

Standing tall, the structure represents not only artistic excellence but also acts as a cultural link by bringing spiritual solace closer to home and saving villagers from covering great distances. The number of visitors flocking Milanpur village is proof enough that this initiative has been successful in its mission towards imparting a divine experience. Not just an impressive sight, the Bhela Ghar also serves as evidence of cooperation among six villages. It illustrates how working together can result in a remarkable display of imagination and commitment.


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