Ranjit Bora Murder Case: Guwahati Police Recovers Weapon

The pistol was discovered under the two-seat wheelers while it was being recovered.
Ranjit Bora Murder Case: Guwahati Police Recovers Weapon

GUWAHATI: On Wednesday, Guwahati city police found the gun, a 9mm pistol, believed to have been used in the murder of a trader from Guwahati named Ranjit Bora. Following the detention of two people in connection with the crime, the recovery was made.

While former police informant Amir Ali was detained in the Morigaon district and his apprentice Chintu Medhi was apprehended in the city over the previous 48 hours. On Tuesday, a local court sentenced both of them to five days of police remand for additional questioning.

After questioning, one of them admitted that the motorbike that was used in the crime was stored hidden inside a godown in the city, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Sudhakar Singh. The pistol was discovered under the two-seat wheelers while it was being recovered.

Along with the gun, the police also discovered three live rounds of ammunition.

The purpose of the killing, however, has not yet been determined by the investigators. "So far, circumstantial evidence has shown that the murder was committed for financial reasons," the top cop declared. At the scene of the crime, the murderers stole more than Rs 2 lakh from the dead Bora. The money has not yet been found.

Earlier, city police asserted that hired gunmen were responsible for the murder. It was not yet known who had employed them, though. There was also an Rs. 2 lakh monetary reward offered for information that resulted in the killer's capture.

On November 21, while Bora was driving his own vehicle, unidentified assailants opened fire in broad daylight from a distance of zero. The incident sent shock and panic waves through the city, prompting concerns about the safety of the locals.

Singh stated that "strict vigilance has been implemented throughout the city" and that "Naka checking has been intensified."

The absence of adequate CCTV monitoring systems around the city has apparently been cited as one of the biggest gaps in the security net covering the city during a recent review meeting between top state police officials and the city police.

"The Assam police department decided to install IP (Internet Protocol) and SIM-based CCTV cameras at all entry and exit points in Guwahati during the most recent review meeting. With funding from Assam Police headquarters, the installation of cameras at city entry and departure points is anticipated to be finished in about 45 days, according to GP Singh, special DGP (Law and Order) for Assam Police.

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