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Rongali Bihu Amid COVID Scare: Wear That Fashionable Face Mask and Celebrate in Style

As Assam celebrates its biggest and most important festival Rongali Bihu amid rising number of COVID cases, here is how the ordinary face mask has become a fashion statement. Put on these masks and step out without fear

Rongali Bihu Amid COVID Scare: Wear That Fashionable Face Mask and Celebrate in Style

Sentinel Digital Desk

It is scary as the number of COVID cases are rising one more time. This is the second wave of COVID in India. Assam has already recorded 590 new cases and one death as of April 13. All this when the state is celebrating Rongali or Bohag Bihu, all set to usher in the Assamese New Year. The focus once again is back on wearing the face mask, maintaining distance from one another, and ensuring washing of hands.

In this article, we take a look at how the mundane face mask has evolved and become a fashion statement. Starting from branded designer masks to embroidered masks to masks with sequins, floral motifs, the range is too wide to choose from. Of course, there are masks with cartoon characters, bikes, superheroes for the younger lot.

From the normal light blue 2ply or 3ply COVID masks to the designer, bright coloured masks with embroidery and motifs on them, the COVID face mask has come a long way. It is more like fighting the deadly virus in style.

Now, you have a mask to suit or go with every style of yours. Be it your favourite pair of jeans or your saree, salwar kameez, or now your newly bought mekhela chador for Bihu. In fact, most boutiques or studios selling mekhela chador and saree or salwar kameez as delivering these women's dresses with matching masks.

It's the Bihu season and people prefer buying colourful and matching masks, which is mandatory for all. With that, many local designers have come up with the idea of making and selling a variety of masks made of different materials starting from cotton masks to those make of paat or muga silk. Recently, many brides were seen flaunting masks matching their paat silk mekhela chador.

It has to be mentioned that most of the brands have started focusing on masks as it has become mandatory for everyone. Starting from sportswear brand Puma to fashion brands like Etsy, formal and office wear brands like Park Avenue are all spoiling you for choice when it comes to the life-saving mask during these COVID times.

These fashionable masks are available everywhere, be it online or shops in the shopping malls or even in the shops by the roadside. We can find masks along with the Kurtis in online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, to name a few.

Celebrities across the globe are flaunting their designer masks on social media matching with their outfits which have become a trend. Famous among them is the President of Slovakia Zuzana Caputova, who received praise online for her matching mask which was dubbed by one social media user as "modern-day corona."

People today are making a fashion statement with a perfectly matched mask and outfit and so they are enjoying and flaunting it with perfection.

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