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Seminar on astrology and astronomy held at Doomdooma Sakha Xahitya Xabha Bhaban

Astrology has got no theoretical basis,” said Dr Kalyan Bhuyan, Professor of Physics of Dibrugarh University (DU)


Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  27 Oct 2021 3:29 AM GMT

A Correspondent

DOOMDOOMA: "Astrology has got no theoretical basis," said Dr Kalyan Bhuyan, Professor of Physics of Dibrugarh University (DU), while addressing a seminar on 'Astrology and Astronomy' organised by Ellora Vigyan Mancha ( EVM), Doomdooma Branch on the occasion of its third triennial conference held at Doomdooma Sakha Xahitya Xabha Bhaban recently.

Stating that both astrology and astronomy are products of our ancient civilization, he went on to explain how scientific thinking developed since sixth century BC where questioning was more important than its logical answers. It was primarily the imagination of the people that ignited their minds while looking at the different phenomena taking place in the sky. Citing the role of Pythagoras community in measuring the universe through Mathematics, St Augustine's views on earth's axis, Aristotle and Ptolemy's concept of rounded earth and finally Nicolas Copernicus's (1543) doctrine as enunciated in his book 'On the revolution of the heavenly spheres', he said that both the subjects of astrology and astronomy received royal patronages during renaissance period of seventeenth century.

However with Galileo's disputation against astrology, the solar centric concept was established on a firm footing and a revolution was brought about in the domain of astronomy. He further said there should be 13 zodiac signs instead of present 12 in numbers. Again if these zodiac signs are determined by observing the stars, then why not the persons born at the same time do not have same zodiac signs, he asked. On the other hand, in the polar regions the days and nights takes place at a interval of six months. How these zodiac signs would be determined there then, he further asked.

Of late astronomy has proved that the planet Pluto is not a planet but a dwarf. Thus science changes its inferences if it was proved otherwise on later. We have lives on the earth because of the sun which is the source of all the energy.

Similarly, the moon causes tides in the sea. But the subject astrology lacks theotrical basis to prove different phenomena that it predicts. The second speaker of the seminar was Dr Prabwal Jyoti Phukan, also an Assistant Professor of the Physics department, DU. He said that astronomy was a requirement of civilization. It depended on three factors - technology, human resources and requirements.

As for example, he said that for cultivation, change of seasons and calendar, we need the help of astronomy. Now if the study astronomy is telescope based in some laboratories, it was Radio astronomy in some other such laboratories, he said.

While Scientific observations are same all over the world, Astrology differed from place to place over the globe. Unlike Astrology scientific truths are established in different stages of its experimentation.

Dhiren Deka, former President, Assam Science Writers' Association (ASWA) who acted as a co-ordinator, in his remark said that in Kautilya's famous book on ' Arthashastra' (economics), it was stated that 'the objective eludes the foolish man who enquiries from the stars.' Although astrology and astronomy began about the same time since the civilisation of Babylon about 5,000 years before, it remained stagnant where it was with discovery of nine planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are two imaginary demons responsible for solar and lunar eclipse while the Sun and the moon are considered to be planets in Astrology. Its only addition was different kinds of gems offered as solution of problems that one faced and computerised horoscope. He concluded by quoting Swami Vivekananda who said that Astrology was not only science but confusing. In the beginning Anamika Lahkar and her two other companions presented a group song.

The day-long programme of the conference began with hoisting of its flag in the morning by President Jhikananda Borgohain who presided over the delegate session held thereafter. Dhiren Deka, President, Reception committee, welcomed the delegates.

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