Silchar Railway Station To Witness A Massive Facelift

Silchar railway station will undergo a massive transformation converting it into a top class facility, stated divisional railway manager of the Northeast Frontier Railway, Joginder Singh Lakhra.
Silchar Railway Station To Witness A Massive Facelift

SILCHAR : Silchar railway station will go through a complete transformation to convert it into a 'world class' facility, stated the divisional railway manager of the Northeast Frontier Railway, Joginder Singh Lakhra. During an inspection on Tuesday, in the Silchar station. Lakhra announced that the railway department has taken up several initiatives to transform the entire structural framework of the station to make it technologically advanced in order to provide excellent facilities.

The divisional railway manager was however disappointed with the low maintenance of the station. Strict instructions has been given to the concerned department to look after the matter.

Also Ansul Gupta, NFR general manager mentioned that the Indian Railways has planned to establish an international multi- storied station in Silchar. It will be built around the territory of the existing station. The railway station will consist of multiple floors and the department is planning to provide separate entry and exists for the public. The station will also have a food court facility inside for its passengers. This particular discussion took place in Guwahati between Silchar MP Rajdeep Roy and GM Ansul Gupta. 

During the meeting Rajdeep Roy formulated a plan to start a Silchar-Guwahati intercity express.

Not only Silchar, but government of India has decided to build top class railway station across the country, he added. 

He also mentioned that a new railway track will be constructed via Chandranathpur-Lanka-Guwahati route. Recently, NFR authorities hinted at more innovative projects in the pipeline, apart from the Silchar-Guwahati Intercity Express and Intercity Express from Barak Valley to Upper Assam. Top officials of the railway department will visit Silchar to conclude and finalise the process.

Roy further stated that the operation is already in process, and he is putting his best effort to make the construction of the new railway station a successful one. Roy was praised by the civil society of Silchar for taking up initiative in establishment of the green field airport and multi logistics park.

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