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Assam, Northeast Boys Win Title of the 'Strongest Men In Northeast India'

The first ever edition of the Strongest Men in Northeast India was held in Dimapur, Nagaland. Tsuknungakum and Vici from Nagaland, Rahul from Assam and Vikas from Manipur lifted the trophies.

Assam, Northeast Boys Win Title of the Strongest Men In Northeast India

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KOHIMA: The title of the 'Strongest Men' in the Northeast region of India was hereby won by the boys from Nagaland, Assam and Manipur. Tsuknungakum from Nagaland won the title of Northeast Strong Man India held at Dimapur, Nagaland on Saturday.

This was the 1st edition of the contest where the Nagaland boy defeated the others in 95+ category.

Assam boys too made it big, by securing the first and second runners up position in the competition. While Siddharth Saikia won the first runners-up title and Mukti Shyam held the second runners-up position.

Another man from Nagaland itself, won in the 75kg category and he was also recognized for the same. Two other man named Imsunungkum and Manyang Sashi were announced as the runners up for the same category.

In the 60 kg category Rahul Teron from Assam managed to win the title of Strongest man in Northeast India. Suman Chetry and Gautam Teron also got victory in the same category and stood in the runners up position. Both of them was from Assam as well.

In the 90 kg category, Vikas Vsham from Manipur rose the trophy for the strongest man in NE. Assam boy, Lakhindra and Petevituo Livi from Nagaland were declared as the first and second runner in this round.

The event consisted of several rounds for both men and women separetly. For men, they had tyre flipping (80 feet), front hold ( maximum time) and deadlifts (maximum repetition) tasks depending on the athlete's body.

Tamhidi from Assam won the title of strongest woman in Northeast in the 65kg+ category.

In the 65 kg category , Binita Borah raised the trophy.

The competition took place in Nagaland at Dimapur on the 5th of November 2022. This is the first ever edition of the 'Strongest man India' in the northeast region.

Apart from the winners, many youngsters from different corners of the state came forward and participated in the contest.

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