Scientific training brings the change in Indian sports: legendary table tennis player Monalisa

Scientific training brings the change in Indian sports: legendary table tennis player Monalisa

Scientific training brings the change in Indian sports: legendary table tennis player Monalisa

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GUWAHATI: The legendary table tennis player Monalisa Barua Mehta feels that a lot of good things are happening in Indian sports because of change in the mindset of the federations and state associations.

In a conversation with The Sentinel the Arjuna Awardee paddler also said that sports in Assam are now on right track. Here is the excerpt.

TS: Sports in India have recently shown tremendous improvement in many disciplines. How is it possible?

Monalisa: There are many reasons behind it. But most important one is that we are now taking the help of science in training our athletes. I feel it is the main reason behind our success in different disciplines on regular basis during the last couple of years.

TS: Would you please little elaborate?

Monalisa: Earlier we had to depend only on the talent of sportspersons. But now the attitudes of the different federations and also even state associations have changed. They are trying to provide scientific training facilities for their players and the most important thing is that they have been receiving good support from the government.

Scientific training method helps a player to improve his fitness level and also those body parts which he or she uses on regular basis in a particular game.

TS: Table Tennis in India made significant progress during the last couple of years. Your comment.

Monalisa: It’s very true. We had talent in the game earlier also but not getting the result as per the expectation. However last few years federation and former players have been working hard to give a thrust in the game and finally, the scenario has started to change. After Commonwealth Games, our paddlers did well in the Asian Games too. It’s a very good sign as the players proved that they can keep consistency in their performance. Another important point is that in the junior category also our players started to win medals from different international meets on regular basis. So I feel it is just the beginning. India will make more progress in this game in the coming days.

TS: Assam recently produced two world champions in the form of Hima Das and Hriday Hazarika. How will you describe their success?

Monalisa: Oh! It’s really nice. Both of them are great sportspersons and hope the duo will bring more laurels to the country. I watched Hima on different occasions and also read what the experts felt on her. I feel the girl is very brave and it is the main strength of her. Players need this type of braveness to dominate over the opponent. I feel Hima should be a role model to all the junior players who are aiming to bring medals from global events like Asian Games, World Championship and Olympic in future. On the other hand, Hriday also made us proud. He is very young and his effort to bring gold from the World Shooting Championship is a huge success. My best wishes to both of them.

TS: Do you feel the present success of Hima and Hriday can bring a huge change in the sports scenario in Assam?

Monalisa: Off course. Their success will definitely give the birth of many new players in different disciplines as the youths of the society have learned what they can achieve by winning a medal from an international sports event. I feel Assam government, led by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, doing a good job to promote the sports in the State. In the recent past, I have visited Guwahati on several occasions and watched that parents of the players are also started to involve themselves with the game. Both are the very good sign and it already started to produce results. Hope in the near future Guwahati will really become the capital of sports in India.

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