Manipur: Assam Rifles Foil Major Cross-Border Smuggling Operation Near Manipur

Assam Rifles intercepts 1600 kg of areca nuts and 10,231 bottles of illegal liquor, arresting 7 smugglers in Manipur near Myanmar border.
Manipur: Assam Rifles Foil Major Cross-Border Smuggling Operation Near Manipur

IMPHAL: In a recent operation, Assam Rifles successfully thwarted a significant cross-border smuggling attempt in the vicinity of Tuitam Khongkhai, Churachandpur District, Manipur, which shares its border with Myanmar to the south. The operation, carried out based on specific intelligence, resulted in the apprehension of seven international smugglers and the impounding of four vehicles associated with their illicit activities.

Following precise information, Assam Rifles personnel established a Mobile Vehicle Check Post, where they confiscated a substantial haul of contraband. The seized items included a staggering 1600 kilograms of areca nuts, locally known as Supari, and a cache of 10,231 bottles of illegal liquor. The estimated market value of these seized goods amounted to approximately Rs 65.31 lakhs in the regional market.

The illicit goods were concealed within four pickup vehicles, and the seven individuals involved in the smuggling operation were apprehended on a Thursday. A press statement from the defense wing provided these details on the following Friday.

The apprehended individuals, along with the seized contraband and vehicles, were promptly handed over to the Sangaikot Police Station for further legal proceedings. This decisive action by Assam Rifles not only disrupts the operations of these smugglers but also ensures that they face the full force of the law.

This successful operation by Assam Rifles assumes greater significance in light of the ongoing unrest in the state. Communal violence that erupted on May 3 has led to the loss of 175 lives, leaving Manipur in a state of turmoil and unease. In such a volatile environment, the role of security forces in maintaining law and order and preventing illicit activities like smuggling is paramount.

The defense wing's press statement highlights that this operation aligns with Assam Rifles' enduring commitment to curbing cross-border smuggling of contraband and narcotics. By intercepting these illegal items, Assam Rifles not only hinders the flow of illicit goods but also contributes to the prevention of drug abuse among the youth. Furthermore, it serves as a significant deterrent against the economic damage inflicted on the state by the circulation of contraband goods.

Assam Rifles' relentless efforts in preventing smuggling activities at the border play a crucial role in preserving the safety and well-being of the people in Manipur. This operation underscores their dedication to upholding law and order and safeguarding the region from the deleterious impact of illegal trade.


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