Manipur: Assam Rifles Thwart Massive Smuggling Operation, Seize 52.1 Tonnes of Areca Nuts

Assam Rifles foil major cross-border smuggling bid, apprehend 24 smugglers with 52.1 tons of valuable areca nuts in Manipur.
Manipur: Assam Rifles Thwart Massive Smuggling Operation, Seize 52.1 Tonnes of Areca Nuts

IMPHAL: In a significant operation, Assam Rifles successfully foiled a major cross-border smuggling attempt, apprehending 24 alleged smugglers and seizing approximately 52.1 tonnes of areca nuts (Supari) valued at around Rs. 6.25 crore in regional markets. The operation took place in the General Area Phaikoh of Manipur's Kamjong District, which shares a border with Myanmar on the east.

The smuggling attempt involved 12 Shaktiman trucks laden with the contraband, which were intercepted as they were moving from the international border towards the Indian side. The operation was carried out based on intelligence inputs received from sources across the border.

The apprehension of the 24 individuals, who were identified as drivers or co-drivers of the smuggling vehicles, marked a significant victory against illegal cross-border activities. They were swiftly captured, and the seized areca nuts, which held a substantial value in regional markets, were secured.

Following the successful operation, Assam Rifles handed over the detained smugglers along with the vehicles to the Forest Department in Kamjong for further legal proceedings. This handover ensures that the individuals involved in the smuggling attempt face the appropriate consequences for their actions.

The seizure of 52.1 tonnes of areca nuts not only represents a substantial financial loss to the smugglers but also serves as a reminder of the Assam Rifles' commitment to border security and preventing illicit activities that can harm the economy and environment. This operation is a testament to the effectiveness of intelligence-led initiatives and the unwavering dedication of the Assam Rifles in safeguarding the nation's borders and interests.

Assam Rifles' successful disruption of a major cross-border smuggling operation, resulting in the capture of 24 alleged smugglers and the seizure of a substantial quantity of valuable areca nuts, underscores the organization's commitment to national security and border protection. This operation is a testament to the importance of intelligence-led efforts in curbing illegal activities with wide-ranging implications for the region.


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