Manipur: Piulong Pre-Christmas Celebration is scheduled to begin on December 4

Piulong Pre-Christmas Celebration, a 4-day extravaganza will feature hiking, camping, music, and local cuisine.
Manipur: Piulong Pre-Christmas Celebration is scheduled to begin on December 4

IMPHAL: Preparations are in full swing at the renowned Piulong tourist spot near Tamei in Tamenglong district for the upcoming four-day mega event titled “Piulong Pre-Christmas Celebration,” scheduled to be held from December 4 to 8. The event promises a unique blend of cultural richness, adventure, and entertainment, providing a platform to showcase the diverse talents and traditions of the Liangmai Naga community to the world.

The organizing committee, spearheaded by Awangbow Newmai, the Minister for Water Resources and Relief & Disaster Management, Government of Manipur, has collaborated with key entities such as Piulong Village Authority, Liangmai Naga Council (LNC), Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR), Liangmai Pui Naga Ruangdi (LPNR), and Save the River Foundation to orchestrate this grand celebration.

The primary objective of the event, as articulated by the organizing committee, is to promote tourism while creating a stage for local artists to showcase their culture, talent, and traditions. Through a series of activities and performances, the organizers aim to unveil the rich heritage of the Liangmai community, fostering a sense of pride and connection to their roots.

The festivities will encompass a range of exciting activities, including hiking and trekking through the picturesque Piulong meadow, offering participants a chance to discover unique spots that echo the cultural and historical significance of the region. This challenging yet rewarding experience is envisioned to highlight the natural beauty of Piulong and its surroundings, reflecting the undeniable existence of ancestral folklore and tales.

The event is designed to cater to nature lovers and families, providing a moment for attendees to spend quality time with their loved ones. The enchanting setting will be complemented by the serving of various local cuisines, allowing participants to savor the flavors while embracing the serene ambiance, with snowy falls before dawn and birds chirping over the valleys and mountains.

Adding a musical flair to the celebration, various guest artists and bands from different districts of Manipur, including GMP the Band, Thangmeiso Shinglai, Leander Kamson, Alamle Heraang, Bamile Pame, Yung Yung, Atingmei Gangmei, and Namdisin Kamei, are set to grace the stage. The lineup also includes upcoming local artists and the UBC Tamenglong choir, promising a diverse and vibrant musical experience.


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