Manipur: Security Forces Apprehend 5 KCP Militants for Extortion and Arms Possession

Manipur security forces arrest 5 KCP members in a crackdown on extortion and arms possession in Kakching, Bishnupur, Imphal East, and West.
Manipur: Security Forces Apprehend 5 KCP Militants for Extortion and Arms Possession

IMPHAL: In Manipur, security forces carried out an extensive search operation in the vulnerable areas of four districts - Kakching, Bishnupur, Imphal East, and Imphal West, resulting in the apprehension of five active members of the Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP), a Maoist militant group. The arrests were made on charges of extortion and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

During the meticulously executed search operations, security officials successfully identified and detained five KCP military task force cadres. These individuals were found to be in possession of firearms, live ammunition, and various war-like materials, marking a significant achievement in curbing their activities.

The Manipur Police shared detailed information regarding the arrests, shedding light on the recovered items. Among the seized items were a firearm, along with 48 rounds of live ammunition, three 7.62 mm ammunition charger clips, a pistol holster, three pairs of combat uniforms, complete with scarves, four pairs of jungle boots, and two belts. Additionally, a sum of Rs 2,090 in cash was confiscated, along with five mobile phones. Notably, an unregistered Hyundai i20 car was also seized from the accused individuals.

The Manipur Police released a statement highlighting the scope and success of the search operations. They stated, "Search operations were conducted by security forces in the fringe and vulnerable areas of Bishnupur, Kakching, Imphal West, and Imphal East districts. During an operation in Imphal East District on 27th October 2023, five active members of the KCP (Military Task Force) were arrested. These individuals were known to be involved in extortion activities targeting the public and various establishments. The operation resulted in the recovery of one firearm, 48 rounds of ammunition, three ammunition charger clips, five mobile phones, one pistol holster, three sets of combat clothing, one scarf, four pairs of jungle boots, one bulletproof jacket, one jungle hat, two wallets, two belts, a sum of Rs. 2,090, and an unregistered car (Hyundai i20) from their possession."

This operation demonstrates the commitment of Manipur's security forces to maintaining law and order in the region by apprehending individuals involved in illegal activities, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the local populace. It also serves as a stern warning to militant groups engaged in extortion and arms-related offenses in the region.


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