Manipur: Unrest Escalates as Kuki Militants Launch Coordinated Attacks Over Moreh Tragedy

Widespread protests in Imphal intensify as Kuki militants launch coordinated attacks in the valley's fringe areas.
Manipur: Unrest Escalates as Kuki Militants Launch Coordinated Attacks Over Moreh Tragedy

IMPHAL: In the wake of the turmoil surrounding the death and chaos in Moreh, Imphal and its surrounding areas are grappling with a surge in violence and unrest. Reports are emerging of well-coordinated attacks by Kuki militants targeting isolated villages on the fringes of the valley. The situation has escalated to intermittent shootings and bomb attacks, amplifying the sense of fear and insecurity among the local population.

Kadangband and Koutruk in Imphal West, Keithelmanbi in Imphal East, and several villages in the foothills of Bishnupur district have become the epicenter of these attacks. Koutruk witnessed a barrage of bombs raining down from bunkers located in nearby hill ridges, causing panic and chaos. In Kadangband, the lack of village volunteers to defend against the militants allowed them to make significant inroads, further destabilizing the region.

Simultaneously, protests erupted in Khangabok area of Thoubal district, where central paramilitary forces attempted to quell the growing dissent over the Moreh attacks. However, clashes ensued, leading to injuries on both sides. Three paramilitary personnel were reportedly seriously injured during the scuffle with protestors. Among the 14 injured protestors, at least six sustained bullet injuries and were urgently evacuated to RIMS and Shija Hospital in Imphal.

The protests in Imphal are primarily directed against the perceived inaction of central forces in Moreh. Demands for the withdrawal of these forces from the border town have intensified, fueling the discontent among the local populace. The situation remains volatile, with the people of Imphal expressing frustration and anger over the deteriorating security scenario.

As the region grapples with the complex interplay of protests, militant attacks, and clashes with security forces, the need for swift and decisive action to restore order and address the root causes of the unrest becomes increasingly urgent. The events unfolding in Imphal underscore the challenges faced by authorities in maintaining peace and stability in a region marred by tensions and violence.

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