Manipur Violence: Over 50,000 Displaced Individuals Evacuated by Assam Rifles

Assam Rifles has evacuated over 50,000 displaced persons and provided essential aid amidst the violence in Manipur.
Manipur Violence: Over 50,000 Displaced Individuals Evacuated by Assam Rifles

IMPHAL: In the face of violence and turmoil that has gripped Manipur, the Assam Rifles, a dedicated paramilitary force, emerged as a beacon of hope and resilience. With their selfless service and unwavering dedication, they played a pivotal role in mitigating the situation, evacuating over 50,000 displaced persons, and providing essential aid to the affected communities. Their efforts not only ensured the safety and well-being of the people but also restored faith in humanity and brought hope to a region torn apart by violence.

When violence erupted in Manipur in May 2023, the lives of the locals came to a standstill. The imposition of curfews and restrictions on movement left them vulnerable, lacking basic necessities such as rations, water, shelter, and medical aid. In the face of this crisis, the Assam Rifles swiftly mobilized their resources and emerged as the first responder, extending a helping hand to all communities affected by the violence. Their selfless service transcended bias and they carried out rescue operations and evacuations with utmost dedication.

Not only did the Assam Rifles provide safe passage and shelter to the displaced persons, but they also ensured their access to food, medical assistance, and other essential supplies. This relentless support and care offered a lifeline to those affected, instilling a sense of security and hope in their hearts. The force's efforts created a conducive environment for peace talks, and Home Minister Amit Shah initiated the first round of discussions during his visit to the state.

Furthermore, the Assam Rifles took on the responsibility of protecting convoys carrying vital supplies like medicines, oil, and other essentials to Imphal Valley via NH-37. Their round-the-clock presence and vigilance along the highway ensured the smooth movement of approximately 9,000 trucks since the convoy's commencement on May 14th. This uninterrupted flow of supplies significantly alleviated the hardships faced by the locals, further contributing to the restoration of normalcy in the region.

Despite their exceptional efforts, the Assam Rifles has faced unwarranted criticism stemming from polarized narratives. However, the force remains undeterred, continuing to uphold human values, compassion, and commitment. The personnel of Assam Rifles have made supreme sacrifices in their pursuit of peace and have tirelessly worked towards serving the people of the North East. Their dedication and unwavering service have not only preserved the unflinching faith of the local population but have also become a source of inspiration and hope amidst adversity.

Collaborating with the civil administration, the Assam Rifles organized Peace Meets, bringing together all stakeholders in various districts. These dialogues fostered understanding, communication, and reconciliation among communities, further contributing to a peaceful environment. Additionally, medical camps were set up to address the healthcare needs of the affected population, ensuring that they received the necessary medical attention and support.

Through flag marches and area domination, the Assam Rifles established a visible presence, instilling a sense of security and reassurance among the local population. Their relentless efforts to protect and serve the people of Manipur have not only mitigated the crisis but also revived hope and restored a sense of normalcy in the region.

The Assam Rifles' unwavering dedication, selfless service, and sacrifices have played a crucial role in evacuating displaced persons, providing essential aid, facilitating peace talks, and upholding the values of peace and humanity in violence-stricken Manipur. Their efforts have not only alleviated the suffering of the affected population but have also inspired faith, resilience, and hope, setting an example for others to follow.


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