Nagaland: Nagaland Cabinet Greenlights Recognition of 8 New Villages

Expanding Administrative Map: Nagaland Welcomes Addition of Diverse Localities
Nagaland: Nagaland Cabinet Greenlights Recognition of 8 New Villages

NAGALAND: The Nagaland Cabinet recently nodded the approval to recognize further eight more villages in various districts to expand the state's administration and reach as announced. This formative government's decision underlines the commitment towards development, change and inclusion. It will further commence and bring out the previous marginalized communities to bring in a positive change in manifolds.

The newly announced villages that is spanned across the local areas, reflects the India's beautiful treasures and cultural, geographical beauty. One of the village is situated in the Wokha district area, one village each in Longleng, Shamator, Noklak, Chumaukedima, Newland and Mon districts is recognized. The decision further reflects the government’s commitment to inclusion, ensuring that all communities are equally recognized and have access to essential services.

The newly recognized villages are as follows:

1. Chingtok Village, Longleng District

2. Kesangwong Village, Shamator District

3. Hanyuk Village, Noklak County

4. Chen Village, Chumaukedima District

5. Hokuto Village, Newland County

6. Tongtian Village, Wokha District

7. Mnyan Village, Wokha District

It represents the empowerment of these villages through government recognition, allowing for infrastructural development, facilitating access to government programs and resources. Further beautification of these villages will attract more tourists and would open opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to serve them. It is also observed that Nagaland is untouched by the mainland and people are curious to know about the beautiful culture, ethnicity, food etc. With this initiative by the government Nagaland can reach out via media portals attracting more footfalls to witness the beautiful environment, flora and fauna of the state.

On the business persepective local artisans and small and medium enterprises can easily link themselves with the market that would help them to present well and connect with their prospective customers. Hence this initiative by the state government is praiseworthy for the long run.

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