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Nagaland: Nine Inmates Escape From Mon Prison; Search Underway

At least nine inmates escaped from the Mon District Jail in Nagaland, which sparked widespread panic among the local populace. A case is registered, and a search operation is underway to trace the culprits.

Nagaland: Nine Inmates Escape From Mon Prison; Search Underway

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MON (NAGALAND): Nine inmates escaped from the Mon District Jail in Nagaland, which prompted the authorities to launch a search operation throughout the Mon District and adjacent regions to nab the nine prisoners.

According to a police official in Kohima, the detainees, which included murder defendants and prisoners awaiting trial, managed to escape in the early hours of Saturday after discovering their cell keys and fled after scaling high walls.

In the meantime, a look-out notice was issued on Sunday, instructing all police stations and different agencies to keep a close vigil on their neighbourhood. The jailbreak of these prisoners has sparked widespread panic and fright among the local populace.

A case has been registered against the perpetrators at the Mon Police Station, and an investigation is underway to determine the whereabouts of the culprits. The incident led to a concern over the security breach, prompting the concerned authorities and governmental heads to enhance the operational and security procedures to help minimize escapes.

As per an official report issued by the Department of Corrections, the desire to visit family members or resolve difficulties frequently serves as the impetus for escapes. People might also face challenges accepting the sentence and the conditions of prison.

Whereas, the Ingram Micro report claims that technology plays a crucial role to stop prison breaks and even attempts to do so. In order to stop such escapes, the prisons must be equipped with security features such as surveillance & thermal cameras or advanced analytics, intrusion detection system, biometric locks, perimeter sensors, barred windows, high walls, barbed wire, razor wire, alarms, buzzers or sirens to aware the guards, with one or more electric fences surrounding the facility, make rounds to check the inmates at set intervals, among others.

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