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Bisleri Moves To High Court Challenging Sikkim's Ban On Bottled Water

Sikkim Govt had issued an order imposing a ban on bottle drinking which came into effect from January this year. The next hearing date of the case is scheduled for 6th May 2022.

Bisleri Moves To High Court Challenging Sikkims Ban On Bottled Water

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NEW DELHI: Indian drinking water company Bisleri International has recently filed a case in the High Court of Sikkim challenging the ban on bottled water put by the state government.

The government of Sikkim has issued an order to put a ban on mineral water sold in plastic bottles with a capacity of two litres or less.

In speaking about the matter, the Mineral Water firm claimed that the restriction on the selling of water bottles has been affecting the company despite the fact the makers of other items using identical plastic bottles were not mentioned in the ban order.

Causing the harm due to the ban imposed Bisleri Private Limited has filed a lawsuit in the High Court following which the court heard the case on Wednesday 23 February.

Meanwhile, the Sikkim High Court has directed that a notice be released to the government about the case.

The next hearing date for the case in HC has been provided as 6th May 2022 as informed by the court.

It may be mentioned that the state government has imposed restrictions on bottled drinking water including the manufacturing of such products, its sale and importing from other places.

However, the government has not put a ban on packaged mineral water but only on 2 litres or less and this is why Bisleri company has been facing issues.

The ban came into effect in the state from the month of January this year.

This decision has been taken by the Sikkim government as an initiative to maintain cleanliness in nature by creating a safe environment for all to live in.

Earlier in the month of October last year, the Chief Minister of the state P.S Tamang announced the decision regarding the restriction of mineral waters sold in plastic bottles in the state.

The CM said that various hotels, official functions and restaurants in different parts of the state have stopped the use of bottled waters and now shopkeepers and business owners must come in support of the government in saving nature.

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