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Gangtok, Sikkim: Weather And Places To Visit

Gangtok adorned with all the splendor of nature, is a brilliant place to visit and detox in the Buddhist temples.

Gangtok, Sikkim: Weather And Places To Visit

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Gangtok is the heart of Sikkim and brims with breathtaking natural marvels. The finest of natural views can be found in Gangtok, from majestic snow-capped hills to charming lush green woods. Located I n North-Eastern India, Gangtok is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. The vibrant and rich culture that pervades every part of this city undoubtedly assists the travellers in finding that elusive 'inner calm.' Anyone who is searching for a break from their daily hectic schedule can relax on the shores of gorgeous lakes, or travel through the historical, secluded monasteries of Gangtok. Each location here leaves the travellers with the treasure of memories.

Places To Visit In Gangtok India

Kanchenjunga, the highest mountain peak in the world

Kanchenjunga Mountain situated in Gangtok India, is the world's third tallest peak. This snow-covered peak can also be seen from the main city of Gangtok, which offers a breathtaking vista. Kanchenjunga reverberates across Sikkim's peaks and it can be viewed from almost anywhere in Gangtok. Treks to Mount Kanchenjunga's base camp or a visit to the Kanchenjunga National Park are available for those who want a closer look at this majestic peak. You may also set up a base camp in Kanchenjunga's foothills and stay overnight in this beautiful place.

Monastery of Phodong

Phodong Monastery stands out among the numerous wonderful things to see in Gangtok. This monastery was constructed in the eighteenth century. Phodong monastery's paintings, sculptures, and general building have been meticulously constructed. The murmur of monks conducting rites may keep the travellers humming for long. The brilliance of this particular monastery is enhanced by its position. Here, one may relax while taking in a magnificent view of the environment. This monastery also hosts a yearly performance of the famous Cham dance.


Magnan is just a residential town located 65 kilometres from Gangtok. This town provides visitors with a diverse selection of adventurous activities, ensuring that no moment invested here is wasted. There are several things to do here, ranging from simply admiring the magnificent mountain views to participating in a variety of exciting activities to immersing yourself in profound solitude. One may go mountain biking, paragliding, and participate in all sorts of outdoor activities in Gangtok. A handful of monasteries may also be found in this small town.

Lake Tsomgo

Tsomgo Changu Lake, a frozen lake 40 km from Gangtok, is situated at a height of 12,310 feet and is a noteworthy place to explore in Sikkim Gangtok. It's a spectacularly beautiful pool with icy blue water that reflect the Himalayas' towering pinnacles, creating a breathtaking picture. Travellers prefer to s pend the entire day at around this lakeside as it is a fantastic experience. You may also have a picnic just on the beautiful Lake's shores. There are a few street-side vendors at Gangtok that provide delectable treats.

Tibetology institution Namgyal

The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, a location wherein Tibetan Buddhism is imparted, is a well-known attraction in Gangtok. Understanding Tibetan Buddhism is an excellent technique because this district is heavily impacted by it. The structure has a lovely Tibetan design, and the exhibition hall includes a few sculptures, coins, hand representations and magnificent weaving work, called the thangkas. Antiques and Tibetan finearts, as well as outdated Tibetan, Sanskrit, Lepcha, and Chinese compositions are something to look for. The Institute's library has over 60,000 publications, including the earliest teachings by Lord Buddha.

Gangtok Weather

Sikkim's geographical position and altitudinal variety enable it to enjoy subtropical temperate, and mountain climates all within it's own 7,096 km2 territory. Temperatures range from tropical in the lower portions of the state to frigid deserts there in icy north. Because to its closeness with the Bay of Bengal and strong proximity to Southern monsoons, it is the most moist area in the entire Himalayan range. The climate of Sikkim varies from subtropical towards the South to tundra towards the North. The majority of Sikkim's populated areas have a moderate climate, with summer temperatures seldom reaching 28 degrees Celsius. The average yearly temperature in Sikkim is about 18 degrees Celsius.

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