Sikkim: Governor Appeals Against Drugs Abuse

The awareness campaign was named ‘Youth against Drugs’ and aimed to spread awareness about the ill effects of narcotic substances.
Sikkim: Governor Appeals Against Drugs Abuse

GANGTOK: In a bid to prevent abuse of narcotic substances in the state, the Governor of Sikkim, LP Acharya urged the people of the state to unite against the drugs on Tuesday. He also mentioned that there has been an alarming rise in the number of people abusing such substances which is a pressing concern worldwide.

Taking part in an awareness initiative in Namin, the Governor asked all the villagers to take an active part in the war against drugs. The awareness campaign was named ‘Youth against Drugs’. He also talked about the ill effects of such substances. The event was organised by the Namin School authorities, in association with two self-help groups working in that direction.

"Alarming rise of drug abuse among the young generation has emerged as a pressing concern for societies worldwide. It has been posing a serious threat to humanity," mentioned the Governor. He also mentioned the creative addictions which lead to development. He cited examples of Bhaiching Bhutia’s addiction towards Football, Tarundeep Rai’s addiction towards Archery, Sonam Tshering's addiction towards patriotism and Jetsen Dohna’s addiction towards singing and how these have brought a sense of positivity.

He called on the students, youth and everyone present for the event to take the path of creativity and take an active part in games and sports, which will lead to their overall development.

Meanwhile, an operation against the narcotics peddlers of the region led to the seizure of heroin worth more than Rs 1 Cr in the capital of Mizoram. The team was also able to apprehend two citizens of Myanmar in relation to the captured consignment of narcotics. The value of the captured 191 grams of heroin is said to be around Rs 1,33,70000 or one crore thirty-three lakhs and seventy thousand rupees.

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