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In post-Covid world, shops without keepers become the norm in Mizoram

To maintain social distancing to minimize the risk of contacting Covid-19, Mizoram shopkeepers have come up with a transaction concept based on trust


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Guwahati: In the post-Covid-19 society where up is down and down is up, human beings have had to adapt, improvise, and overcome in order to meet the challenges. In Mizoram, where the Government has tried every trick in the book to keep the virus at bay, shop keepers have decided to take social distancing to a whole new level!

Embracing the basic tenets of honesty, hospitality, and trust, the people of this hilly state have now learned to adapt to the changing times by embracing keeper-less shops. For those alien to this concept, it basically means the owners of the shops will put their wares but will not be present in-person to collect money from the customers. Upon buying the goods, customers are expected to place the money in neatly placed jars kept in the stalls.

"The year is 2020; honesty, hospitality, and trust come handy again for Mizoram during these trying times of Covid-19 outbreak. Traditional Nghah-loh-dawr,(shops without shopkeepers) comes handy for many sellers and buyers in maintaining safe social distancing", Mizoram CM Zoramthanga wrote on twitter, lauding the concept.

The Chief Minister also shared some pictures of these establishments in his state. Some of these shops are located beside the highways and it has been seen that lush green vegetables are being sold along with makeshift money boxes of plastic tied to bamboo posts where the satisfied customers are expected to put their money. The shops come in many different shapes and sizes, but what remains constant is the element of trust that is attached to this concept.

Mizoram, meanwhile, is slowly starting to recover from the second phase of the outbreak that began amid the return of homebound citizens. The state is currently observing a total lockdown to slow the sharp spike in the number of Covid-19 cases that have rocketed upwards to

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