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PM Narendra Modi an inspiration for Biplab Kumar Deb, CM of Tripura. Here's how

CM Biplab Kumar Deb of Tripura shows huge support to small business owners of the state, inspired by PM Modi's call #vocalforlocal.

PM Narendra Modi an inspiration for Biplab Kumar Deb, CM of Tripura. Here’s how

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Agartala: Diwali 2020 is all about going #vocalforlocal in Tripura for CM Deb who took the decision to offer sarees purchased from Purbasha which will be handloom to Asha workers.

Tripura Chief Minister encouraged people to go #local4diwali and support down-to-earth hardworking and talented artisans of the state.

PM Narendra Modi said to devote this Diwali in the name of local producers who will help to boost the economy of the state and the country. He believes when everybody will buy local products, hail them and will spread the message of their good quality work, it will uplift their business and the name of the state.

Previously, CM Deb had also launched bamboo Diya for Diwali produced by SHGs of Sipahijala where products like pineapple jam, sugarcane jaggery were also introduced. This SHG is run solely by women who produce locally made products for the state of Tripura.

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