Tripura Government Looking at Expansion of its Tea Industry

TTDC Chairman Samir Ranjan Ghosh that they are planning to give this tea a national identity.
Tripura Government Looking at Expansion of its Tea Industry

AGARTALA: The state government of Tripura has decided to brand the tea nationally due to its enormous popularity in the country. In the country's tea market, Tripura tea is rated fifth according to certain reports.

The Tripura Tea Development Corporation formed with the aim of popularising the beverage is now to promote this brand across the country. A number of strategies have been developed for the exercise by the organisation.

TTDC Chairman Samir Ranjan Ghosh that they are planning to give this tea a national identity. Over 54 tea gardens are there in the state. Since most second-generation labourers these days are educated, the state has a decreasing workforce and so they have decided to launch a certificate program in tea plantations. This course teaches young people about tea management. The course will consist of six months of theory and six months of hands-on, practical training in a tea estate. MBB University will be offering this course. The government intends to use this strategy to increase the number of highly qualified white-collar workers in tea estates.

In the state, there are 2800 tea growers and 54 large tea gardens. The Tripura government is also looking into the potential for tea tourism. Durga Tea Estate, one of the closest tea estates to Agartala, already features bungalows that visitors are welcome to stay in. According to people with knowledge of the situation, the Tripura government will support homestays in tea estates as well.

People are familiar with the British-era brands of Assam and Darjeeling tea because they are branded, but Tripura tea has grown locally. It has a distinct history, and the government of Tripura is now prepared to promote them across the country. The Russian government intends to revive the branding of Tripura as the tea supplier that it once was.

In an effort to reach more customers and give them the advantage of low prices, the Tripura Tea Development Authority has also made plans to offer tea in ration. Tea is typically auctioned off in the market. Authorities claimed that since tea was included in the ration, prices had decreased and more people had access to it.

Authorities from the Tripura Tea Board are also engaged in a project wherein tea will be bartered to Bangladesh in return for Hilda fish from that country. The board intends to hold a global conference to showcase the calibre of their tea. 65 lakh kg of tea are purchased by Bangladesh from Sri Lanka. Tripura, which produces over 90 lakh metric tons annually, also wishes to supply tea to Bangladesh.

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