Tripura: Seven Women Caught Using Infants to Smuggle 12 kg of Ganja

During the inspection, a shocking 12 kg of contraband was discovered hidden within the women's and children's undergarments.
Tripura: Seven Women Caught Using Infants to Smuggle 12 kg of Ganja

AGARTALA: In a significant drug bust, authorities seized 12 kg of ganja from a group of seven women who were utilizing their infants as unsuspecting carriers. The incident unfolded at an interstate bus terminal in Tripura, as reported by a police official on Tuesday.

The arrests took place on Monday evening after the police apprehended the individuals, confirmed Bhanu Pada Chakraborty, the superintendent of police for North Tripura district. Acting on specific information, a police team quickly responded to the Dharmanagar interstate bus terminal in North Tripura District. There, they encountered a group of women, all originally from Bihar, aimlessly wandering with six young children.

These women had arrived in Tripura by train and were attempting to reach their far-off destination in Bihar via road, according to Chakraborty. The suspects and their children were then escorted to the Dharmanagar police station, where they underwent a thorough search. During the inspection, a shocking 12 kg of the contraband substance was discovered hidden within their undergarments.

Furthermore, it was revealed that an additional four to five kg of ganja were concealed on the persons of the infants. This alarming discovery marks a new tactic employed by ganja smugglers to exploit innocent children in their unlawful activities. The children involved in this case were as young as six months to one and a half years old, underscoring the extent to which these smugglers are willing to go in their efforts to evade the authorities.

All seven women have been charged under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and were subsequently remanded to judicial custody upon their appearance before a local court. Given the tender age of the infants, the mothers were permitted to take them to the detention facility. This shocking incident serves as a stark reminder of the depths to which some criminals will stoop in their illicit endeavors.

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