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Apps & Websites

Apps & Websites

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  30 Dec 2018 6:00 AM GMT

Super ToDo's

Super ToDo's is a powerful app on iTunes that lets you have a fast way to organize all the lists and tasks in your daily life.It features rock-solid syncing with iCloud so that your lists are available on all of your devices: iPad,iPhone, and even Apple Watch when using cellular connectivity. This app weighs 21.3 MB, and requires iOS 11.0 or later to be functional. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Tasker Tasker


Tasker is like a game changer in your daily life. Even though smartphone eases your life, yet something needs to be done to set right this ease-provider too. Here comes Tasker. It provides completely hassle-free automation provider for the smart phone, right from messaging to setting the settings. It is essentially a cool and useful programming tool for the Androids. It lets you set your own triggers based on the environment. You may be surprised at its spy-skill, jokes apart, it can actually detect where are you, at the café or at the library or somewhere else. Implement the needed settings on your phone to detect the location. It can launch the apps automatically and perform the necessary actions.



Launched in 2005, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. To thrive now and in the coming years, businesses and individuals need remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to be able to connect worldwide. TeamViewer is at the forefront of that innovation.

We believe that wonderful things happen when people get together, and technology should make this possible for them from anywhere in the world. It should act as a catalyst to promote and amplify people’s ideas and their ability to solve issues and overcome challenges.

People have collectively used the technology from TeamViewer in billions of instances where distance and time would have otherwise prevented them from accomplishing their goals.

  • has been installed on over 1.5 billion devices (each device generates a unique ID)
  • creates 750,000 new IDs every day.
  • has over 20 million devices online at any given time
  • speaks your language with the software and support in more than 30 languages

These astonishing numbers have led 90% of Fortune 500 companies to rely on TeamViewer as their choice to bring colleagues together across all platforms and all devices. From the largest businesses who view TeamViewer as “a game changer” to individuals who post their love and appreciation for our products across various social channels almost as quickly as people download it, we are constantly inspired by our users’ imaginations for finding ways to uniquely take advantage of our technology.

With ITbrain (an integrated management platform with remote monitoring, asset tracking, and anti-malware features) and Monitis (a cloud-based, agentless monitoring solution for websites, servers, and applications), TeamViewer has expanded its portfolio with successful technologies that enable IT professionals to more quickly manage, collaborate, and enable their infrastructure and users across the globe.

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