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Are You Body Positive?

Are You Body Positive?

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  15 July 2019 12:12 PM GMT

The question today is how do you feel about your own body? Are you aware of the factors that constantly manipulate your ideas of the body? The ideal body type, the perfect skin complexion, your notions about being body positive are imposed upon you. If you trace your own thoughts about who you are, how do you like to dress up for the day and what are your perspectives about different human bodies, you are reflective enough to understand that you are a creation of social media, film industry and the porn industry. Believe it or not, you are a misrepresentation of yourself.

Every now and then we come across tips of wellness and mentions about the art of living. It is indeed necessary to read them. But not mandatory to ape them without interrogation. Otherwise, we tend to become just like those female supporters who bolster up feminism(s) and femdom in magazines, newspapers and academic discussions, yet hesitate to go for lingerie shopping or utter the ordinary word "bra" in a table-talk meet. Body positivity is more than following a list of do's and don'ts. It is a good vibe which emanates from within. It asks you to know your physical and psychological needs, cater to them.

Your fitness goals, your diet chart is your choice. However, be aware of the recommendations you choose to pick up. Do not follow every body based opinion you find in the internet or in random advertisements. The fact is that they contradict one another. Somewhere you will see that the ideal body shape is the hourglass figure, somewhere else plus size models will try to shift the ideal and set another standard. The key to your body positivity is owning your beautiful flaws. Stay healthy for yourself. But do not engage in any sort of self-inflicted violence in the name of perfection. You do not need to cut out your flesh or accumulate unnecessary pounds. Let your body breathe. Relax. You are not up for any competition here. Do not let any online shopping site virtual model regulate your mind. Or make you feel inferior. You know your own body,don't you? You were born with it. You have spend the highest amount of time with it. And in your whole life your body is the only thing that is never leaving you. It wants attention, care, love. Remember, that line of the poet Gertrude Stein, "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose". You are your own rose, no matter what.

Let me draw your attention to an art. This art, you have mastered at some point of your life. But in your busy schedule, you have ditched it. The art of diary writing. This skill of treasuring a personal life in today's world is valuable. Why are you hesitating to revive it? Pick up your pen and diary. Start writing. Make notes. Make the bucket list of your life.

Let me put a question: how well are you balancing your routine and adventure? Is it going along together? Are you abandoning one for the other? Keep track of your daily chores and goals. At the same time make your own escapes. How about a holiday, an unplanned trip, a dinner date with yourself, an evening with friends, a lazy afternoon in a cafe?

Did you notice that your hobbies are long gone? Why did you quit? Try to get back to your love for music, dance, painting, food, embroidery, craft, and other engaging artworks. You can also nurture a kitchen garden, collect various shaped pebbles, make envelopes, design rangolis, try makeups, doodle, pottery, flower decorations, etc. They will certainly energize you. They divert your mind from overthinking. They allow you to be creative. Remember that you are not under the pressure to be an Instagram or facebook hit with your hobbies. They are firstly for your health. Then for display. Know your priorities.

A good body and a good mind is interrelated. Let's believe that : One good thing a day keeps stress away. How about charity? Visit orphanages, keep your neighbourhood clean, donate to poor people, feed stray dogs, care for animals, plant more trees. And do everything not for the sake of social media display but self-satisfaction. Surface happiness is temporary. Seek true pleasure from little good deeds.

You have to find your singular way to understand your body positivity. You are different from another woman. And so your kind of positivity is different too. Look at your body features closely in your free time. Appreciate it. Instead of comparing, learn your own singaar. Go comfortably in your skin, in your flesh, and if somebody asks you, how are you? Reply, "I am body positive these days". If somebody mocks at your skin colour, your body shape, do not overthink and freak out. Look at yourself in the mirror; that's you, there is only one person that's you in this entire world of 7.6 billion people. You change the world by your presence. The world doesn't change you at its will. Be your own inspiration, ladies!

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