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Expert Gardening Tips & Advice for the Novice Gardeners

Expert Gardening Tips &  Advice for the Novice Gardeners

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  22 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT

When you set out to create a garden in your backyard, or even a potted garden on your terrace, the wealth of information needed to experience success can seem overwhelming. Luckily, even a novice gardener can cultivate healthy and thriving plants the first year with a few simple tricks. Use these seven expert secrets to transition from a novice gardener to a pro.

Make Your Own Compost

Before you even buy plants, you can create a compost pile in the space your garden will be. Place 50/50 "green" and "brown" materials such as vegetable and fruit scraps, plant trimmings, coffee grounds, shredded paper egg cartons, pinecones, and dry leaves.

Use Up Eggshells

The shells, when spread around the base of your plants, add much-needed calcium to the soil. Not to mention, they repel bad bugs that eat or harm the plant.

Transport Plants Smarter

…buy seedlings from a local gardening store or farmer's market. When you buy lots of small planets in bulk, eliminate the possibility of spillage with a clever trunk organization system. Lay a tarp down and place a ladder on top. Place plants between the rungs and you can enjoy a clean trunk.

Plant in a Pot

Try planting flowers or shrubs in pots inside the ground so you can easily move them to a new location. You'll avoid disrupting the roots of other plants and keep your plant alive.

So put your green thumb to work with these expert tips.

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