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How About Making Organic Compost All By Yourself? | 1 Feb, 2020

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Few benefits of using organic compost instead of fertilizers laden with chemicals - 1) It improves soil structure and helps it holds just the right amount of moisture for the plants to grow. 2) It helps control weed growth and ensures all the nutrients of the soil reach the plant. 3) Organic compost contains the right amount of nitrates to improve soil fertility.

Here is a step by step procedure to make your very own garden compost at home - 1) Choose A Suitable Place- This may be the trickiest part of the procedure. Choosing a good location to make your compost is essential. The ideal location needs to be away from your main house, if it gets too smelly. Also, the place shouldn't be too sunny or shady with easy access to water and air. You can either dig a pit for the purpose or use a bin.

2) Start Adding Your Materials- All vegetable scraps can go into the composting pit. Egg shells can be added as well. Waste from your garden such as leaves or grass clippings can make for good composting material. Interestingly, newspapers too can be added. Manure is essential in the mix but make sure it is only from grass-fed animals as the waste of carnivorous animals contains harmful microbes. Wood chips also make for a great addition. It is important to have brown and green matter in equal proportions along with sufficient water to start the breeding of good bacteria.

3) Keep A Close Watch- Now that you have started the process, it is important to maintain it. The compost has to be turned around every week to aerate the mixture and give room for the growing bacteria. Keep adding water as well. Just make sure that the mixture is not too soaking wet or dry. In the next 2-3 months, you may have your compost ready when it is semi-dry and has a pleasant earthy smell to it. You can mix the nutrient-rich compost with the soil and give your plants the perfect boost of nutrients.

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