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The Glory of Women Species

The Glory of Women Species

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT

Pratiksha Sharma

According to 2018 census, India is the second most populated country in the world. It is one of the most diverse and tolerant countries even. People here, worship around 3,33,333 Gods and Goddesses. Surprisingly, the greatest and the strongest of all are women. For instance, Goddess Durga is known as the Goddess of victory, killed the demon Durgamasur who stole the four Vedas and starved the vulnerable being of food and water. She is a woman.

Goddess Kali, the most furious and ferocious form of the Goddess, Parvati, who can't be pacified by anyone after the war. She is unstoppable, invincible and omnipotent. She is free from all rules and regulation. In short, she is a modern day footloose. She is a woman.

Chandi, the calm and composed form of Durga, who killed Mahishasura in the battle of Aklapuri when he refused to give up the throne of Indra. She is a woman.

Maa Kamakhya, also known as Siddha Kubjika, is a Hindu Tantric Goddess of desire who evolved in the hills of the Himalayas. She is celebrated during her menstrual period in the Ambubhasi Mela. She is a woman.

These are the women we are taught to worship since inception. We believe in these women; we confide in them during sickness and in health; and we place them above the greatest and mightiest of beings. But how many of us actually comprehend the fact that these pure and eternal souls are formed from the bodies of women?

I wouldn't believe it to be many, considering the times we are allocating.

I don't want to be just another writer, narrating the crimes being committed to the women or the gender discrimination they face, yet in some small towns of the country. I don't intend to boast about any feministic movements or beliefs. Instead, I intend to enunciate the bravery behind the whole idea of being a woman or how is the world going to be without us?

As they say, charity begins at home. Mothers - the creatures closest to Gods, how brave are they! Right from the birth of a child from their womb, till death, they battle every day. They mold themselves into a being of sacrifice, endurance and most importantly, as the one who shares eternal love. Is there anything more beautiful?

Right after the era of independence, we have been trying to adopt the western culture. We have bought the clothes, infrastructure, networks, communication, food and what not. But why haven't we bought the idea of liberalism?

Honestly, no matter how many women stand up for their rights, no matter how many laws are shaped, no matter how many films are produced, things will change only when the morals are reformed and make ways for less parochial thoughts. That is when, we call ourselves- liberals. It has been a long time since the daughters have felt safe out of their homes at midnight. Did the sons ever come across this trouble even? Do they know does it feel to walk around the streets and being eve teased for the way they have been shaped by the nature? Do they know how it feels when the society judges you over your torn hymen? Do they come across the words shame, humiliation or injustice over nothing but their sex? How hard is it to comprehend this obnoxious reality?

So we all know there's no such thing as a free lunch. Humans were made for both creation and destruction of the humanity itself. There have been instances when the vulnerable rose up to be the demon betraying the innocent. While we ponder over the issue of male hegemony, there are women who strike when the iron is hot. They exploit the innocent population and misuse their rights, a notion I like to call pseudo feminism. For a mindset to be liberal, the muse cannot be black or white. Instead, it has to reside in the shades of grey.

Nevertheless, accept the women. The way they are, the way they live, the things they believe in. Accept them with a whole-heart. Being a woman is itself a sign from God that He has faith in you, He knows that you are brave, He believes in you even when you are just a cell. Being a woman is a responsibility God has chosen you for. A woman is the reason the world is not barren/ human less land. She is the reason for the continuity of the species; she is the basis of all inventions and discoveries. Be brave to be a woman and to be around them!

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