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Why It is Not Ok to Beat Kids

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT

Bamboo sticks, metal ruler scales have been the tools to punish your children and if that didn't work, then natural tools: hands work the best to give that tight slap. But the research says that beating kids will only spoil them than improve their behavior. How? Below are the reasons:

1) Gives a Wrong Perception

About the Strength: When a parent beats his or her child, unknowingly he or she gives the child a notion that the stronger person is always right, and heard. Also that, it is ok to get people to listen to you by bullying them by beating them up. This encourages a bullying habit in the child.

About Elder or Bigger People: Discipling a child by beating might lead to a perception that elderly and bigger people beat. Stronger people beat the young and weak ones. When they grow strong, they will adopt these techniques to handle situations and end up in a mess.

2) Damage to self-esteem = Loss of Trust: Spanking hampers the self-esteem of the child that leaves a long-lasting imprint on the child's brain. It has also been proven that spanking makes kids susceptible to mood disorders, aggressiveness, anxiety disorders, etc. When a child finds someone disrupting his or her self esteem, they lose faith in that particular person. The relationship gets bruised.

3) No Confiding: Consequently, they will stop confiding in the parents. They will start staying inexpressive, introvert (at home), mum and aloof.

4) Telling Lies: To be safe from being beaten, they will start creating stories and telling chains of lies. Just so to be safe from the torture.

5) A form of Abuse: Physical punishment in all situations, at one point of time leads to abuse. The parent should be careful in handling the children. Rather than harsh, they should choose the soft and polite ways to take care of them

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