EU Commissioner Urges Zuckerberg to Remove Pro-Hamas Content on Meta

European Commissioner Thierry Breton calls on Mark Zuckerberg to combat pro-Hamas content swiftly amid EU concerns.
EU Commissioner Urges Zuckerberg to Remove Pro-Hamas Content on Meta

LONDON: European Commissioner Thierry Breton has shifted his attention from Elon Musk's X platform to Meta, addressing CEO Mark Zuckerberg with an urgent plea. Breton's letter to Zuckerberg urges prompt action in removing pro-Hamas content from Meta's platforms, emphasizing the necessity for vigilance to prevent potential violations of new EU regulations.

The letter from Commissioner Breton calls on Meta to swiftly eliminate illegal terrorist content and hate speech amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel. The European Commission has noted a surge in the dissemination of illegal content and disinformation within the EU, prompting this urgent call for action.

Breton has set a tight 24-hour deadline for Zuckerberg to address the concerns raised by the European Union, underscoring the urgency of the matter and the need for swift action.

The Commissioner also highlighted the significance of strict compliance with the rules outlined in the Digital Services Act (DSA). This includes transparent terms of service, timely responses to notifications of illegal content, and the implementation of proportionate and effective mitigation measures.

In response to these concerns, Meta has disclosed its proactive initiatives. The company has established a special operations center staffed with experts fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. This move came in the aftermath of the Hamas attacks on Israel. A spokesperson from Meta affirmed that their teams are working tirelessly to maintain platform safety, taking action on content that violates policies or local law.

It's worth noting that Commissioner Breton had previously cautioned Elon Musk about the dissemination of illegal content and disinformation on the X platform following the Hamas attacks in Israel. In response, Musk urged Breton to publicly flag any violative content, underlining the company's commitment to transparency.

In a subsequent exchange, Breton reiterated his concerns over reports of fake content and the glorification of violence circulating on the X platform. This situation has prompted a heightened sense of urgency for both Meta and the X platform to ensure that their platforms remain free from illegal and harmful content.

As this issue unfolds, the tech giants are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to upholding regulatory standards and safeguarding the integrity of their platforms within the European Union. The outcome of these efforts will have a significant impact on the regulation and moderation of online content in the digital age.


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