How Does Cyberattack Happen? Know All About Cyberattacks

Pishing and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) are the common methods of gaining access to a computer system. Read to know how Cyberattack happens and what are its effects.
How Does Cyberattack Happen? Know All About Cyberattacks

Cyber-attacks have been making headlines these days raising curiosity among people about how it actually happens and what are the damages caused.

As the world has turned digital with new technology and inventions, people are now much dependent on online platforms for various means.

With the rapidly increasing digitalization, one must be aware that cyberattacks have the potential to interfere with anything online. It may affect the safety of our finances and may also disrupt the method of obtaining information.

Cyber attacks are mainly politically and criminally motivated but some attackers also do such crimes out of thrill to experience achievement in bringing down a system.

What is Cyber Attack:

Cyber Attack means an offensive operation led by an individual or group targeting computer networks, information systems and infrastructure. There are several pros and cons of cyber attack operations.

It is mainly operated with the intention of harming someone and creating distress by taking everything under own control. Such attacks are often made against individuals, organizations and governments and it doesn't always target a larger sector.

A large number of sensitive data can be stolen through cyber-attack causing huge losses to an individual or business. The cyberattack can completely destroy a computer system and its website is unable to access by anyone.

It can even put a halt to the essential service by the government bodies and also lead to physical damages similar to Germany's steel plant hacked in 2015.

How Cyberattacks are carried out and what are its effects:

Hackers spot the errors in a computer system and its defenses by exploiting them. They find mistakes in a website's code which enables them to provide their own code and completed the authentication process by bypassing security.

The one who operates cyber attacks installs malware which is software specifically made to damage a system through a 3rd party website.

Mudane errors such as an essay-to-guess password of the users and not changing the default password may help a hacker to have access to the computer system.

Pishing which means extracting personal information under false claims is one of the common methods of hacking a system. The messages that one receives through email that look like something official asking to change password are actually sent by hackers trying to trick.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is another method of gaining access to someone else's information system. The DDoS takes away the complete access of service from the original user.

In this method, a huge number of traffic is sent to a system so that it can be easily crashed. Vast requests cannot be handled by a system at once like switchboards receiving an excess of phone calls and getting crashed.

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