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Watch Bhogali Bihu preparation from Guwahati ahead 'Uruka' (Night before Magh Bihu)

Sentinel Digital Desk

The streets of Guwahati City are teeming with people ahead of one of the biggest festivals of Assam – Magh Bihu. The festival celebrates the spirit and integrity of the Assamese community. It is basically a harvest festival and marks the end of the harvesting season.

Magh Bihu is marked by a lot of feasting and rejoicing over sumptuous meals. The festival is associated with pounding of dheki, buzz of activities in the household, aroma of fried and baked delicacies and frequent trips to the bazaar.

On the eve of the day called Uruka, people build makeshift cottages called 'Bhelaghar' with the hay of the harvest fields. The entire night (called Uruka) is spent around a 'Meji' with people singing Bihu songs, beating Dhol, a typical kind of drums or playing games.

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