Heroic rescue of snowboarder by skier wins hearts.

Heroic rescue of snowboarder by skier wins hearts.

A video showing a skier heroically rescuing a buried snowboarder is making the rounds of late.

Francis Zuber had been skiing in the Mount Baker Ski Area in Washington on March 3 when he noticed something was amiss

He realized a snowboarder was in need of rescue after "a little red flash" caught his eye.

Zuber saw that it was a snowboard upside down, wiggling, with obviously someone attached to it,

A snowboarder named Ian Steger while skiing down Mount Baker Ski Area accidentally got buried in the deep snow.

Zuber found the trapped man and dug him out.

Video captured by Zuber's GoPro shows him clearing out enough snow so Steger is able to breathe, then using a shovel to free his body.

Zuber said he wasn't sure how long Steger had been buried, but it was at least several minutes.

The footage went viral after it was posted on Twitter, and Zuber is now hailed as a hero for bravery.

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