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Director of Fisheries, Guwahati invite tender for summer and winter liveries

Director of Fisheries, Guwahati invite tender for summer and winter liveries

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Sealed quotation affixing court fee of Rs. 8.25 (Rupees Eight & twenty five paisa) only are hereby invited for Re- tender from Govt. Registered reputed farm for Summer and Winter Liveries for Grade-IV and Driver of office of the Directorate of Fisheries. The Quotation will be received up to 1.30 P.M. on 12th Oct 2020. The Quotation will be opened on the same day at 2.00 P.M. and the quotationer or his authorized representative can remain present at the time of opening of the quotation. The detail terms and condition may be obtained from the Office of the undersigned during office hours. The Director of Fisheries reserves the right to accept or reject any or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Director of Fisheries, Gopinath Nagar, Guwahati reserves the right in all circumstances to accept or reject any tender without assigning any reason thereof, besides the rights of accepting tender of more than one supplier (provided the rates of found justifiable).
  2. Total amount should be quoted in Rupees, Item-wise and Group-wise including all Taxes as applicable.
  3. Bills to be submitted in triplicate by the suppliers must be accompanied with supply orders issued by the authorized officials of this Directorate of Fisheries.
  4. The selected supplier will have to sign an agreement with the Director of Fisheries, Assam before works.
  5. The successful quotation shall have to deposit a sum of Rs. 2,000/- as security money for one year in the form of bank draft from any nationalized bank pledged in favour of Directorate of Fisheries, Assam which shall be refundable on satisfaction of the assign job. If the job could not be executed properly as per satisfaction of the undersigned and within the stipulated period, the Director of Fisheries, Assam reserves the right of rejecting and no compensation will be paid for such rejection and the security money will also stand forfeited.
  6. Payment will be made only after accord of FOC/ approval of fund release by the competent government authority.
  7. Taxes etc included in the quoted price shall be shown separately.
  8. Earnest Money Deposit: EMD @ of 2% of the total quoted value in the form of Demand Draft/Banker's Cheque of Scheduled Bank in favour of Director of Fisheries, Assam shall accompany the bids. Bids without EMD will be rejected, EMD will be returned to all the unsuccessful bidders at the end of the selection process. However, the EMD shall be forfeited in case the successful bidders withdraw or the details furnished are found to be incorrect and false during the tender selection process.
  9. The EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned.
  10. The bidder shall be specialized agency who has completed at least three similar works.
  11. The bidder should study the schedule of quantities and shall be deemed who have full knowledge of the items before the quotation is submitted. The details of the items are as follows:

Sl No


Descriptions of items





Grade-IV Male

Long sleeve Shirt/ pant (Summer)



Grade- IV Female

Mekhela Sadar




Safari Suit



Grade-IV Male

Woolen Blazer



Grade-IV Female



Supply of items shall be completed within 30 days from the date of acceptance of supply order.

12. The undersigned reserves the right to revise the quantity at any time.

13. The supplier at his own cost will replace items supplied, if found faulty.

14. The items should be brand new, refurbished items will not be accepted.

Director of Fisheries,
Assam, Guwahati.

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