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Social Forestry Division, Lakhimpur invite tender for plantation work

Social Forestry Division, Lakhimpur invite tender for plantation work

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The Divisional Forest Officer, Lakhimpur Social Forestry Division invites bid from eligible bidders for the following packages separately works. Details of the bid may be seen aeprocurement portal website i.e.


  1. The bidders must be enrolled in The Contractors/ Bidders must be registered with for participating in the bidding process. The Bidding document may be downloaded through the portal by using their own user ID.
  2. Online submission of Technical & Financial Bid is mandatory. Manual submission (without online submission) of bid will be considered as non-responsive. Bidders are to submit the required papers for technical bid by scanning and uploading the same.
  3. The bidder shall submit the cost of the bid document electronically in the system provided by
    1. (a) Bidder shall submit EMD & Tender processing fee electronically in the system provided by the
  4. The activity schedule for tendering process of the above-mentioned packages shall be as per the schedule shown below.

Time schedule

5) Pre bid Meeting will be held as per following time & venue. Start Time 15.00 hrs on 30/10/2020. Closing Time 17.00 hrs on 30/10/2020, Venue :- Office of Divisional Forest Officer, Lakhimpur Social Forestry Division.

6) In the event of date of bid opening being a holiday, the activities will take place on the next working day.

7) The tender must be accompanied by the following items without which no tender shall be considered for acceptance.

i. Detailed tender Notice of the work duly self-attested on each page.

ii. A copy of PAN Card self-attested.

iii. A copy of GST registration certificate self-attested.

iv. Proof of online payment of EMD & Tender processing fee (PDF).

v. Copy of Registration Card self-attested and Certificate from HODs where the bidder is registered mentioning the Class of contractors.

vi. Income Tax Returns for last 3 financial years.

vii. Document showing liquid asset.

viii. Document showing annual turnover for the last three years.

ix. Document showing experience of bidders in plantation and nursery works.

x. Caste Certificate from the President of the SC/ST or OBC Board as the case may be, countersigned by the Deputy Commissioner of the District or the Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil) of the SubDivision

xi. The tenderer should attach necessary documents in original or attested copies, issued by offices of Central, State Government or State/Central undertakings

Divisional Forest Officer
Social Forestry Division

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