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And they are here again!

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  13 Dec 2015 12:00 AM GMT

First of all, I would like to apolozise in advance fr this post. I hv no political ideologies, therfore i dont wan hurt th sentiment of anyone. But I wan raise a nonpolitical question from th humanistic point of view. Now th wind of election is blowing high, n therefore th famous political leaders are all set to fool us with there political actions!!! They are even here to lead "Padyatra" !!! They are here to do everything possible to befool us again. Yes we are emotiol indeed, n this is their chief weapon!! Coming back to th point, where were they when we were killed??? Where were they when we were humilated?? Where were they when we needed them the most??? Hundreds of children still awaits with hope for their parents to return home who indeed lost their lives in th bomb blasts!!! They still eagerly waits fr an answer. Where were they when those hundreds of innocent children of our land needed their support th most?? Where were they when hundreds of our sisters were molested on th streets?? Where were they when hundreds of one horn Rhinos of our land were killed?? Where were they when we had water everywhere but not a single drop to drink during th massive floods?? Where were they when we needed them??? I want an answer, infact we demand an answer. It is rightly said, th politics of th modern era of our country has been destroyed by th politicians. Being an artist, I cant support this!! I love my people, I love my state, I love my country! More then an artist, I am a human being first! Infact, we are humans first!! We cant support such creepy acts of th politicians! I am sorry. (sic)

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